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August 5, 2013

31 weeks

It's me! Sorry I've been absent for so long, but there hasn't been anything blog worthy up in here lately. I've been living in leggings, ribbed tanks, and my Toms and I figured no one wanted to see that on repeat. This morning we were heading out the door to the zoo, and I realized I was wearing something decent...hence a post that marks 31 weeks of baby cooking. My doctor gave me some new meds last week and finally I'm not nauseous anymore. It couldn't have ended at a better time, since I'm really large and all around uncomfortable these days. One major pregnancy symptom at a time is all I can mentally handle.

We went to Montreal this past weekend for a day at Osheaga (which was AMAZING) and I of course did a little shopping (this jean jacket and my shoes are new) so I'll at least be back once more this week with my purchases. If you miss me you can always find me on Instagram.

jacket: H&M
dress: Old Navy
shoes: Hibou via Little Burgundy
bracelets: H&M

July 8, 2013

27 weeks

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. We had the most gorgeous, hot weather so we spent the weekend up at the cottage. I would have stayed up there, but needed to come home for laundry, some shopping, and to take my cat to the vet once again. Sigh.

In other news, I'm 27 weeks in to this baby cooking meaning I'm two thirds of the way there! That leaves just under 13 long, hot, uncomfortable weeks. Or 89 more days. But who's counting?

(this outfit is from last week and probably my favorite preggo look so far)

maxi dress: F21
belt: ?
shoes: Crocs
bracelet: Pawlowski Creations

June 26, 2013

sometime last week

I just found these pics on my computer, and so even though these were from last week, when summer was still MIA, I'm sharing them because a) I actually got dressed b) I'm wearing heels and c) my purse did not contain any baby items.

I wore this out for dinner with an old and amazing friend, who coincidentally is also pregnant and due a short time after me. She too has other kids, so we met early, pigged out on delicious Italian, and were yawning over our lattes by 8. It's nice to be understood!

sweater: Kensie via Milkface
jeans: Old Navy Maternity
shoes: Aldo
satchel: Little Burgundy
bracelet: Burks
rings: Mexico mostly

June 25, 2013

25 weeks

It's been a while since I've done a post, but my life for the last week and a bit has centered around potty training my little one. Meaning we've stuck close to home, the cottage, or my parents. We're about 9 days in and it's fair to say she's got it down so we are back to venturing out. 

Here's what I wore today, on what might be perhaps the hottest day of the year. I'm so sad I didn't think of wearing this dress as a shirt earlier, it's the most lightweight thing I own and perfect for the summer heat, but it won't fit my belly for much longer. I'm at 25 weeks and wondering just how I'm supposed to dress this bump for the next 15 weeks of heat and humidity. It might just be time for a trip to F21.

dress: H&M
leggings: Aritzia
sandals: Aldo
necklace: F21 (I memory is horrible for accessories)
wrap bracelet: Dynamite

June 11, 2013


The ridiculous rain totally ruined my freshly washed and styled hair. I hadn't planned on being out, but my plans for the morning changed at the last minute and I was in and out of the rain countless times. I didn't have an umbrella in the car, and I can't come close to squeezing into my trench coat. So here I am, with damp clothes, wet feet, and destroyed hair. I'm now parked on the couch in sweats for the remainder of this crappy day. Hope you're having a dry day!


cardi: H&M
shirt: Urban Behavior
jeans: Old Navy
flats: Verona

June 8, 2013

her & i

Husband decided to work this weekend so that when sun finally decides to return next week, we can head up to the cottage for an extra long weekend. So it's just me and Gia today. We had a lazy morning around the house, then quickly got ready to run some errands. She's my absolute favorite shopping buddy and can even make grocery shopping fun.

This outfit isn't much, but it's comfy, cute and the orange tank looks amazing with my little bit of a tan. Gia was in charge of the camera remote for todays pics, so most aren't in focus. We had so much fun taking them that I couldn't take it away from her!

On me:
chaambray shirt & leggings: Old Navy
tank: Motherhood
shoes: Aldo

On Gia:
jeans: Zara
cardi: H&M

June 7, 2013

friday play date

I am now off (the day job) every Friday until September so to celebrate my tiny dose of freedom I asked Jen if her and Gianna wanted to hang out. They stopped by this morning, we played with my herd of cats, and then took off to a huge toy store near my place and went to McDonalds (Gianna's request). I can't think of a better way to spend a cold, wet Friday off.
We took pics of our outfits with my camera on my porch and I tweaked them so this is a joint outfit post. Happy weekend!

Jen's outfit

shirt ~ American Eagle Outfitter, a hand-me-down she claims is from me but I don't recognize it
jeans ~ Old Navy maternity
rain boots ~ Hunter via Trust Fund
bracelets ~ Aldo

my outfit

jacket ~ Wilfred Free Rayder via Aritzia
t-shirt ~ Gap
jeans ~ Maison Scotch via YOOX
converse ~ ?
bag ~ Alexander Wang Donna hobo via Soraya
ring ~ bought in Puerto Vallarta

June 5, 2013

park day

This morning started way too early for my liking. By 8 we'd already had way too many time outs, so we quickly packed up and headed to the park to meet some friends. I snuck these pics in before we left, despite protests from the grumpy one. So pardon Gia's soother and blanket, and temper tantrum in the corner. 
Thankfully her mood turned around the minute we were outside, and we enjoyed a lovely morning at a new park with old friends. There was a splash pad, and us moms thought it was too cold to pack bathing suits and towels. The kids decided it was plenty warm enough, so we stripped 'em down and watched the delight that ensued. Good times in the end!

sweater & jeans: Old Navy
shirt: Dynamite
ring & necklace: Mirma

June 3, 2013


There was a milestone of motherhood that I hit today....that point in time where your kid is independent enough to run around the park playing with all the kids and play structures while you hang out on a bench in the sun chatting with your friend while keeping a watchful eye. I've been waiting for this, and today it happened. And you know was as awesome as I imagined! 

But back to the clothes...
A scarf? In June? It seems crazy right, especially when yesterday was almost 40 degrees. But today is a cool one, and we were headed to the farm where we'd be outside for the most part. 

On a separate note, I'm totally obsessed with Instagram and although I am mostly posting pics of Gianna, I vow to start updating outfit pics and such more often so come find me (jenlovespugley). I'd love to follow along with you too!

scarf: gift
cardi: Jacob
tee: Old Navy
jeans: Motherhood
flip flops: Urban Behavior
sunglasses: H&M