March 30, 2013

latest goodies and an outfit

I am a little distraught these days - my beloved Fuji X10 suddenly developed a sticky shutter button so I took it in to Henry's (hooray for extended warranties!) and they sent it to Fuji. It's been a week and it's seriously annoying. It's such an easy camera to use - especially for portrait shots in shitty light. Today I clearly used the wrong freaking lens on my DSLR - one that doesn't work so well in crappy lighting. Perhaps I should consider spending less on clothes and upgrading my camera, and getting a new lens that works great for portraits (I'd love to try out a 85mm or a 24-70mm which are what I think Karen of Where Did U Get That blog uses - her photos are always awesome). Speaking of Karen, she's got an online shop where she sells her no-longer-wanted clothing, and mentioned on FB the other day that she listed a bunch more. To my shock and delight, she had a Balenciaga Day bag in caramel listed. BALENCIAGA people!!! The bag that I've been dreaming about for 2 years!! I've actually been dying for a classic City bag, but I love the hobo look of the Day bag as well (and OMG this one is HOT). I rarely see any used Balenciaga bags online so this was a surprise. I really didn't want to buy a new bag right now as I've acquired a few lately but I knew if I didn't jump on this I would regret it.

Karen has a few other Balenciagas so I'll be keeping an eye out on her store in the hopes she sells others. :-) I'll take pics when it arrives.

On a slightly less exciting note, the other night I went to Aritzia at Bayshore and picked up my Wilfred Free Rayder jacket. Apparently some of the girls at the store were hoping I wouldn't want it to they could snag it but NO SUCH LUCK LADIES! This is a great oversized casual jacket I know I will get lots of use out of.

I wore it out this a.m. to the pub for breakie and to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for Easter brunch at Jen's tomorrow. So here are some outfit shots too, with the wrong lens.

jacket ~ Wilfred Free Rayder jacket via Aritzia
super wide cropped sweatshirt ~ Plum for Polly (online shop now closed)
tank ~ H&M
jeans ~ Citizens of Humanity Morrison slim bootcut via Holt Renfrew
sneakers ~ Puma via The Bay
bag ~ Chloé via Fashionably Yours
bracelets ~ The Bay, Pandora, Marc by Marc Jacobs hair elastics, Heavens to Betsy
watch ~ Kenneth Cole
rings ~ Shazel (Puerto Vallarta), F21
***featuring Mimin***

March 29, 2013

thursday at the office

blazer ~ H&M
spotted camisole ~ H&M
spotted jeans ~ Topshop (OMFG these are TIGHT)
pig flats ~ Marc by Marc Jacobs via SSENSE
massive pearl necklace ~ Kenneth Lane via Holt Renfrew
bracelet ~ super old
ring ~ Wunderkammer

March 28, 2013

wednesday at the office

Ok - I am totally sick to death of these photos being taken in my sisters office. Julia, starting next week I am going to drag your ass outside for these shoots. I am SO TIRED of seeing that dumb ass plant behind me (the one put there by building management to help make the air less disgusting so we all don't die from stale, old and decrepit building air).

And I cannot believe what I just bought. I'll show you a photo tomorrow (along with the jacket I picked up last night) but in the meantime, let me just say it's something I've been coveting for maybe 2 years now.

shirt ~ Gap
pants ~ Aritzia
navy brogues ~ Dr. Martens via Gravity Pope
necklace ~ Ponciana (Puerto Vallarta)
rubber chain bracelet ~ Marc by Marc Jacobs via Holt Renfrew
ring ~ Shazel (Puerto Vallarta)

March 27, 2013

tuesday at the office

t-shirt ~ Club Monaco
sleeveless chambray shirt ~ Cheap Monday via Aritzia
jeans ~ Citizens of Humanity via Holt Renfrew
boots ~ Dolce Vita via Shopbop
bracelet set ~ Aldo
ring ~ Aldo

March 26, 2013

monday at the office

Sorry I am behind a day this week. Forgot my memory card in the camera at work yesterday. I got to wear my new Aritzia satin bomber jacket and I LOVE it. And on another good note, I called Fedex and they resolved my issue with the screwup on the duty/taxes of my Yvonne Koné bag. My $180 charge went down to $42. :-)

satin bomber jacket ~ Aritzia
tank ~ H&M
trouser jeans ~ 7 For All Mankind's Dojo via Holt Renfrew
clog boots ~ Fluevog's Faiths Conviction
belt ~ American Eagle Outfitters
necklace & ring ~ Aldo
bracelet ~ Rolling Stone Leather (Puerto Vallarta)

March 25, 2013

hip hip hooray

I'm probably screwing myself by saying this, but for the past 48 hours I have felt completely normal. I'm jumping for joy over here folks! Coincidentally (or maybe not at all), I am 3 days into the second trimester so perhaps it's the start of a few months of smooth sailing.
I went to the doctor today and got to hear this little ones heart beat., making today pretty darn fantastic! Everything is going well, and I've miraculously only gained 3 lbs. Thank you morning sickness!

Not much is fitting me these days, and I caved and bought some tops and jeans from Motherhood maternity. It feels good to look half decent again!
Husband got a package in the mail on was a bracelet that he had ordered me for Christmas. I guess the seller had been trying to get a hold of him to confirm the address and husband found the old emails in a junk folder or something. It's so dainty and perfect, I haven't taken it off since. Thanks love!

shirt: Zara
jeans: Motherhood
flats: Aldo
bracelet: MinimalVS
necklace: June Designs
watch: Fossil

March 23, 2013

saved the best for last

This purchase arrived yesterday and I could have blogged it but I was hoping for a happy ending to the story. So far I have no ending.
Last weekend I blogged about Yvonne Koné's Danish online shop of gorgeous leather products, and I hinted I had ordered something. To my surprise it only took a week! Here's a little hint - this is the dust bag it came in:

First I have to tell you the story. So Fedex guy shows up at the door LUCKILY on my day off WHILE I was home, and tells me I need to pay some duty/taxes etc. No surprise there, so I ask him how much. He tells me $189. I scream out "WHAT?!?!?!". I paid 720 DKK for this, which according to a google currency calculator was about $120 CAD. I tell the guy that there is NO WAY duty/taxes cost more than the item. Turns out on the Fedex receipt where everything is calculated they had that I paid $720 USD. F*cking morons. He told me he could take the package back and I could settle this then they'll redeliver, or I can pay the ridiculously wrong fee, keep the package and settle it later. I told him I wanted my damn package. So I paid. Then I spent at least an hour on the phone and talked to a nice lady who said she'd pass on the issue to someone who would look into and call me back. This was at around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. No one called me back, which means I guess I have to deal with this at work on Monday as I presume they are closed for the weekend. Way to ruin a SWEET moment. It turns out it was worth the grief and aggravation.

Say hello to my washed leather grey gym bag by Yvonne Koné. I cannot tell you how much I love this bag. It is soft, a beautiful colour, I adore the simple design, the price was a STEAL (it was a sample - there's a gorgeous black one left, and shipping was free) and it's just about the size of my entire back so will fit lots of crap. I think I'm going to give it a test run today. :-)

March 22, 2013

friday goodies

I have the day off from the day job today, and had to get up a bit earlier than I would have liked for a dentist appointment. I wore what I would consider my uniform for doing errands on days off/weekends. Lots of grey, black and olive colours and comfy.

wool moto jacket ~ Topshop via The Bay
hoodie ~ J. Crew
cargo skinnies ~ Citizens of Humanity via Holt Renfrew
leather sneakers ~ Puma via The Bay
bag ~ Alexander Wang's Donna hobo via Soraya Bakhtiar
necklace ~ Ponciana (Puerto Vallarta)

After the dentist I headed out to Bayshore mall, opting to try exchanging my Aritzia black bomber there instead of at the Rideau Centre where I bought it. Kind of dumb. Bayshore doesn't have those jackets. And it turns out Rideau had no more larges. So here's what happened. I hung around the store a while and picked out some tops, and found not one but TWO other jackets. The lovely staff there consisting of Melissa and Hannah were super nice and helpful, especially when trying to explain to me the store policies around transfers/returns etc. (I was in the process of downing my first coffee of the day and was having difficulty following. And I should note that the lovely salesperson that helped me at Rideau was also awesome, but I never got her name). ANYHOO, I ended up having my bomber in the 'capre' colour put on hold at Rideau - I think I'll like this colour even more. I ended up finding an even more appropriate replacement for my old Club Monaco jacket (can't find it on the website).

I would have preferred this to be satin like my old one but it's cool nonetheless. Very 90's grunge looking. And the pockets are lined in super soft fleece so BONUS!

And above is a peek at my new Talula skull t-shirt.

I think this Cheap Monday sleeveless long chambray shirt is going to end up being a well-worn staple in my closet.

A fun, super casual shirt I thought I'd get alot of wear out of - the TNA bourne sleeveless muscle hoodie.

Hannah came over to me at one point with a jacket that someone had transfered to Bayshore and didn't end up purchasing. By this point the girls had figured I was into jackets. :-) I tried it on (the Wilfred Free Rayder jacket in 'capre') and fell in love. So a black one is being transfered from Toronto and should be here in a week or so. (Apparently it's selling like hotcakes)

While I was at the mall I returned a pair of earrings I had ordered on the Aldo site (along with my lucite heeled pumps) that broke when I was trying to get them out of the packaging. Since they were much larger than I would have liked, I picked out a ring and bracelet set instead.

And I had also picked out this little necklace that I forgot to photograph with the shoes.