January 31, 2013

wednesday at the office

The 'rents took my hubby and I out for dinner last night because they'll be in Mexico when hubby's 40 birthday comes around. Hence my being behind a day on outfit posts. I also felt the need to state that I was having a very bad hair day. A very bad hair week to be honest. I don't know what's going on but my hair is back at it's too long/limp stage. I think I might go back to trying to wear it curly. Anything to give it life. Maybe I should just try some extensions as Jen suggested.

pale pink pleather jacket ~ F21
beaded camisole ~ Topshop via The Bay
paisley jeans ~ Paige Denim via Holt Renfrew
boots ~ DKNY (vintage)
necklaceYochi via Holt Renfrew
ring ~ Aldo
bracelets ~ Heavens to Betsy

still sick

All we've got going on today is lots of cuddles in comfy clothes, stickers to make the imaginary ouchies on my pants better, and anything else that will entice my little sicko to smile, even if just for a minute.
Hopefully it'll be back to normal tomorrow.

January 30, 2013

Dr. Martens

I am a big fan of Dr. Martens footwear, especially with my latest purchase of navy brogues. A few years ago I picked up a typical pair of 6 hole brown ones (I used to own the exact same pair in high school - seems I stupidly got rid of them), and then in March '11 I found these awesome lace Docs WITH A HEEL on Karmaloop (last worn here).

They are ridiculously comfortable. Only problem is it had been a while since I had bought Docs so I ordered a 9 (my usual boot size) and should have got an 8. Note #1: Docs run big so go down a size!
This company has so many cool shoes and boots out there these days that I thought I'd feature all of my favourites. Note #2: Most of these are from Gravity Pope who carries the largest selection of Docs I've seen....AND MOST OF THEM ARE ABOUT 70% OFF RIGHT NOW!!! Note #3: Docs have awesome grips so they are great in winter.


is it tomorrow yet?

Gia woke up this morning super sick, and the day has went downhill from there. The world ended when we drove home from a visit at my parents and three minutes from our driveway Gia realized we had left her beloved blankie behind. There was no way she was going to go down for her nap (which we were already about an hour late for) without it, so we turned around and headed back. Then her usual 3 hour nap ended up being a whopping 25 minutes. She woke up with a mysterious giant blue bruise on her temple with  a tiny cut in the middle. Her cough is starting to sound croupy and I'm getting a bit concerned.
So it wasn't really a surprise when I sat down to do this post and noticed that the camera moved on the tripod and left me with out of focus pics, and cut off feet.

shirt: JoeFresh...my closet didn't think three denim shirts was enough, so I picked up this one at the grocery store on the weekend for $24
jeans: Gap
socks: Ardene
boots: Hunter Wellies via TrustFund
ring: Valley Girl Designs
bracelets: AE, F21, Mexico

January 29, 2013


Check this out!  It's a tank top.....


tuesday at the office

jean jacket ~ Gap (I always leave it at work)
turtleneck sweater ~ Jacob
cords ~ J Brand pencil leg cords via Aritzia
leopard booties ~ Jeffrey Campbell's Rumble via Little Burgundy Shoes
bracelets ~ The Bay and a store now closed

half tuck

I see gals doing the half tuck of dress shirts and blouses often, and I gotta say I find it odd. Sure it's a great way to show off a cute belt, but I can't help but think it looks like I just forgot to tuck in the other half. So the half tuck became a front tuck within minutes of heading out the door. I'm so boring.

blouse: H&M
jeans, belt and wrap bracelet: Garage
necklace: F21
boots: Steve Madden
rings: Mexico
glasses: Coach

January 28, 2013

monday at the office

blazer ~ Urban Outfitters
t-shirt ~ Aritzia
scarf ~ old Navy (my husband's)
jeans ~ Zara
brogues ~ Dr. Martens via Gravity Pope
bracelet ~ Marc by Marc Jacobs via Holt Renfrew
rings ~ DIY

the wknd

This weekend was a bit of a disappointment. We had grand kid free plans, but in the end Gia was not ok with the planned sleepover at my parents and insisted on going home to her bed. I tried to convince her, and then resorted to bribery, but it was 2 hours past her bedtime and the kid was having none of it. So my big Saturday night out turned in to me sitting all alone in front of the TV, while my Husband headed to the party to put in an appearance on our behalf.  I won't lie, I was totally bummed about it, and had a huge pity party with tears and all.

Retail therapy makes everything better, so on Sunday I headed to Marshalls. I went into the change room with a bunch of clothes and shoes, but after some veto's from Kim (via picture text), getting my feet stuck in some Madden boots (after the zipper broke) and a whole lot of things that just didn't fit right, I ended up with a new pair of Nike Revolution sneakers for the gym and a Roxy sweatshirt. 

sweater: Gap
tank: Zara
leggings: Aritzia
boots: Verona
scarf: AE
bracelet: from my Mom