September 14, 2013


Recently I blogged the fabulous jewelry handmade by Barbara of AdorN. This incredible woman fabricated the ring that I mentioned I loved in my post as a gift. She's so freaking sweet and I absolutely love her jewelry. She even blogged the process of making my ring!

And here it is! It's gorgeous - I wore it out to dinner last night and made sure everyone got a good look at it. :-) But not only did she make me the ring I blogged, she made me another little one with the scrap silver from the big ring! It's perfect next to my wedding rings. :-)
Thank you Barbara!!!!


  1. I LOVE her work. I am in the process of ordering a bracelet from her right now. Thanks so much for bringing this great jewelry maker in to our awareness!

  2. That is gorgeous!!!! I need that.

  3. I have a gorgeous, simple, geometric new ring. Was a gift. I'll try to get a pic, I know you'd love it. Hard to photograph my hands, they look old! :/

  4. :) Into every life some jewelry must fall Kim. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. I'm truly grateful.

    1. you're welcome! thanks again for the rings!!!