February 20, 2013

wednesday at the office

Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics today. I had to run errands at lunch and my sister had a lunch date so I just handed her my phone and told her to be quick about it. I went with a punk Brit chick look today. Inappropriate for work? Maybe. Do I care? Not so much.  (I knew I had no meetings today, and saw these boots in my closet and realized I wanted to wear them badly, so I came up with the outfit to go with). Did I mention Monday = Mexico? *sigh*...cause I'm getting really sick and tired of all the goddamn snowstorms. P.S. Jen is on day 14 of puke-fest hence her absence.

turtleneck sweater with see-through back ~ Aritzia
blue long camisole underneath ~ Aritzia
buffalo plaid pants ~ F21
ruffle combat boots ~ Betsey Johnson via Modcloth
bracelets ~ The Bay and H&M
ring ~ Heavens to Betsy
necklace ~ Aldo

2 of you said something:

vanessa said...

LOVE the red lips!! Dreaming of Mexico......
If possible, post your vacation wear. So excited for you- You and Julia deserve the break!!

kim. said...

thx! I'm bringing some t-shirts/capris and flip flops so pretty freaking boring cause I plan on doing some SHOPPING!!! I will try and post some outfits/goodies at the shops etc. while i'm gone.