February 9, 2013

saturday shopping

As per the usual, nothing fancy going on over here...just a simple outfit for spending a sunny Saturday with my family. We've had a busy morning...brunch and a little shopping including a stop at Old Navy. I got an email about a huge sale on their kids stuff so I got a bunch of summer clothes for Gia, plus a good start on next fall/winter too (like a sherpa coat for $7!). The lady at the cash gave us an extra 15% off because Gia was being so hilarious while I was paying (see pic at end of post).

shirt: F21
scarf: Aritzia
jeans: Old Navy
boots: Aldo
bracelets: World Vision & a gift from my parents

2 of you said something:

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

Aww GiGi! Pablo showed me the facebook pics and I couldn't stop laughing. Hilarious!

vanessa said...

gia is sooo hilarious and adorable!!! this pic is too much!!