February 21, 2013

remember me?

It's been a long few weeks around here, and sadly it seems like the meds won't be helping me get this morning all-day sickness under control so I'm up against another 6 weeks (and hopefully not longer) of hell.
Thankfully yesterday wasn't a bad morning, so Gia and I packed up and headed to playgroup where all the other mothers sympathized with me and made me feel a million times better. Sometimes it just feels good to bitch!

I was smart and wore my red pants. I decided a while ago that red pants only look good with shoes, not boots. Since I bring "indoor" shoes to playgroup, it was my chance to wear these red jeans for what might be the last time for many months!

Oh, and meet my new favorite bag. I found it at Old Navy for maybe $15. It's huge and comfy and I can wipe the salt stains off its canvas-like material with a damp cloth.

tee: Urban Outfitters
cardi: RW & Co
jeans: Gap
shoes: Aldo
bag: Old Navy
cuff bracelet: from the Bahamas
necklace: H&M

2 of you said something:

AMR said...

You're Super Girl in the second photo...ready to conquer the world. Your cape, ready for action, in the bag. :)
You look fantastic Jen. Best wishes and congratulations.