February 15, 2013

random friday

It's Friday, and it's also the fourth morning that I've been woken up at 5am. I can't formulate full sentences, so I leave you with these bits of randomness:

- I just finished reading The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay and I highly recommend this great read (if you have any book recommendations, send em my way!)
- I'd give a kidney for hardwood floors
- there's a banana loaf in the oven and my house smells heavenly
- my personal experience coupled with the latest cruise ship fiasco and I'm pretty sure I will never go on another cruise
- these days, I prefer my hair curly but it only lasts one day and there is no way I could wash it every morning
- I watched My Big Gypsy Wedding and it was kind of awesome. Don't judge!
- I'm down to my last box of contacts and debating if I should bother ordering more. I barely wear them as I'm not exactly fond of feeling like sandpaper is rubbing on my corneas

Cheers to the weekend!

tank: H&M
shirt: JoeFresh
cardi: Target
belt: Simons
jeans: Garage
boots: Steve Madden Troops

2 of you said something:

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

I need to borrow some really good books from ya for the trip...oh, and mom needs her flat iron if you could pick it up next time you're there and I'll get it from ya. :)

gabriella said...

I am not one for "history" type books, but the book Half of a Yellow Sun was written amazingly. It's definitely worth a read.