February 23, 2013


I'm off to Puerto Vallarta super duper early Monday morning so I was just in my dressing room deciding what to bring with me. My summer wardrobe kind of sucks a** I gotta admit so the process lasted about 5 minutes. I'm keeping things very casual as we travel around via dirty nasty buses and we do tons of walking (while shopping) so shoes have to be flats. So I'm bringing what's in these photos, plus a pair of denim shorts and 3 tankinis. That's it. Which means my suitcase will be 3/4 empty (if not more). TONS of space to bring back all sorts of stuff. :)


  1. Fun post! Happy, safe travels:) Look forward to seeing you in Mexico.

  2. I am oh so jealous. Have a fabulous time! I look forward to seeing all of your awesome Mexican silver finds.

    Take care, Linda

  3. Good thing you know exactly what to bring. The pieces in your closet are very interesting!