February 18, 2013

monday at the freaking office

Today was Family Day, a relatively new national holiday here in Canada that irritatingly DOES NOT APPLY TO PUBLIC SERVANTS. What that means is while the majority of the country was hanging out and relaxing, I had to go to work. It's not so bad since half the federal government ends up booking the day off anyway so things were quiet at the office. In honour of this day I decided to dress super casual in a denim shirt and jeans. Then bling it out with a sparkly necklace. And OMG how I love my new Docs. (Might I add that in exactly one week I will be enjoying the sun and food and shopping and sangria in Puerto Vallarta. YESSSSSSS!!!! Julia and I discussing this trip is why these pics turned out kinda shitty as I was totally not paying attention to the camera.)

denim shirt ~ Joe Fresh
jeans ~ Hudson's Beth Baby bootcut via Holt Renfrew
brogues ~ Dr. Martens Joyce via Gravity Pope
rings ~ Mexico
bracelet ~ Mexico (gift from my parents)
necklace ~ Le Château

2 of you said something:

jen@closetrivalry said...

The shirt looks good on you. FYI family day is provincial holiday, not federal statutory day.

kim. said...

thanks for picking it up for me! i'm going to bring it to PV to use as a little jacket at night to keep my lobster skin warm.
whatever. it still sucks a**.