February 17, 2013

latest purchases

I mentioned in a couple of earlier posts that I purchased something recently that I was really stoked about. I finally got around to taking some decent photos. It's a second-hand Chloé bag I found on Fashionably Yours. I think it's the Paddington model but I can't find any reference to one that is shaped like this. (So I'm hoping it's not a fake). I love it - the leather is gorgeous, and the shape is alot of fun. I love the rugged, kind of slouchy look to it. The only thing is it doesn't have a shoulder strap and the existing handles are kind of short. But whatever, I'll deal. (This shop is based in Toronto so that's a bonus. Not so much of a bonus - the fact that there was a price tag from the store inside the bag that said $450. It was listed at $100 more than that online. You'd think they'd remove that before shipping it to me. At least they had a discount code I took advantage of).

My twin sister found these really cool union jack Hunter socks on The Bay website for $20 (regular $50) so she got us each a pair. I love the mix of blue and black.

2 of you said something:

AMR said...

Kim ~ I hope I am wrong - very wrong - about your bag but the closure doesn't seem right for a Chloé...the zippers just meeting like that with no over-flap.
Great addition to the boots! Nice.

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

The sock were 16.99 (20 then an extra 15% off for using my bay mastercard). Damn, this also reminded me that I had wanted to clean my Hunters this weekend. Oh well...