February 8, 2013

friday at the office

I was supposed to have the day off work today but due to the freaking ridiculous snowstorm I moved it to Monday. This way I can follow through with plans I made to hang out with Jen and Gianna - grabbing some food and doing some shopping (my husband's 40th is coming up).
P.S. Jen was sicky today so this post is all you get.
P.S.S. Wait until you see what I ordered today, to spend a bit of the back pay money I received the other day. I had told myself to not spend any money before Mexico but I could not resist.

sweater ~ Zara
scarf ~ Revolución Del Sueño
jeans ~ Joe Fresh
boots ~ Fluevog's Prepares Volunteer
rings ~ bought in Mexico
bracelets ~ The Bay, Marc by Marc Jacobs hair elastic via Holt Renfrew, Pandora

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