February 11, 2013

because jen made me

As Jen mentioned in her post earlier, I met up at her house after running some errands this morning (my day off the government job). I wasn't planning on doing an outfit post today because the weather is miserable so I just threw on whatever I grabbed out of my closet. When I told Jen this she freaked a bit, telling me that is her every day outfit post and I had better do it. And she's right - when I'm not at work and it's winter and I'm miserable, I wear boring outfits and I should share these outfits here and keep things real. So here's me being real, with the help of a couple members of the herd....

denim shirt ~ maybe Spotted Moth
jeans ~ Zara
boots ~ Hunters via Trust Fund
bag ~ Brachfeld Parlaghy's Josefina via Shopbop
bangles ~ F21 or H&M
rings ~ F21 & local store now closed

***featuring Phoebe & Lucky***

And below are some items Jen kindly picked up for me on her jaunts about town. The shirt may look familiar in her post from today - she raved about it so I asked her to pick one up for me too. Gotta love cheap clothes from the grocery store! And the Minnetonka mocassins she found at Winners. $52 for both. 

3 of you said something:

jen@closetrivalry said...

i'm glad you decided to post it!

vanessa said...

kim, you look so great in this! very glad you posted and thank you for keepin' it real!