January 9, 2013

this (past) weeks purchases

A word about clothing budgets since Kim brought me and my spending up in her post. Unlike Kim, I cannot commit to just buying designer pieces. I have a very limited budget for clothing, and I'd end up with one new item every 4 months. Not gonna happen. Plus I get tired of clothes rather easily and it would be a shame to have expensive items sitting in my closet and not getting the wear they deserve. As a stay at home mom, with no income, I get a certain amount from my husband each month to spend on food, household items, Gia's needs, and to clothe the entire family. I am always aware which of those items are priorities and never overspend on clothes. If I were to, I'd be heading back to work and its just not worth it.

Having said all that...here's what I bought last week!

I headed out one night last week and stopped in at Urban Outfitters. I had a list of items I wanted to try, and was super disappointed that the only one they had in stock was the jacket, and they only had a large. There were a few items on sale, but all of it was rather boring, so I ended up with only 2 BDG tee's (2 for $24) and a Coincidence & Chance sweater ($29).

I somehow got bleach on a pair of my Garage jeans, so I had went online in search of a replacement. Their jeans are usually on sale, but were regular price so I decided to wait. Instead, I ordered a pair of black skinny jeans with zipper detail, a studded belt, and a studded wrap bracelet (both of which were half price). I googled for coupon codes before ordering, and found one for 20% off my order. So all of it was about $48.

We stopped by Winners this weekend to get some totes to store Gia's growing supply of art stuff, and I wanted to check out the shoes. Although I didn't find any, I did score another pair of Minnetonka Cally slippers for $28! 


  1. WOW - great stuff! Can't believe you found those slippers at Winners. I need a new pair as my Manitobah Mukluks moccasins are totally worn out on the inside and not as cosy anymore. I'm kinda pissed actually.

  2. Love those jeans with zippers!

  3. I totally get having a clothes budget as well. It's hard sometimes but there are some great sales on right now (as your post shows) so it's not too bad.