January 8, 2013

recent purchases

As I mentioned yesterday, I bought something pretty cool last week. More on that shortly. First up, a few other things that aren't as cool, but cool nonetheless.

First, I got home today to discover that my Amazon order from Dec 27th finally showed up. Besides a book called "Eat Raw, Eat Well - 400 Raw, Vegan & Gluten-Free Recipes" which I hope to gawd is good, I picked up The Sartorialist's latest book, "Closer".

Sometime after Christmas my twin sis was poking around the Aldo sales and came across some really cute camo shoes that we had been eyeballing a while ago - they were on sale for $12. She ordered us both a pair.

As I mentioned yesterday, I went shopping at lunch Friday - just a quick jaunt down to Holt Renfrew to see what their post-Christmas sales were like. I was not overly excited about any one thing, until my twin walked into the Burberry section (it might just be Burberry Brit - I can't remember). But before I get to that, I did have to pick up this 50% off necklace that I have no clue who makes it because it had no tags on it. It's cool because the cameo part goes from black to blue depending on the light and the angle.

Anyhoo, back to Burberry Brit. I'm not sure why I always skip over this section and go straight from casual/jean down to footwear but I sure as hell won't do that again! (Well, not when there are sales going on anyway). Julia pulled this jacket off a rack and we both commented on how cute it was, and noticed that it was about 55% off. Then I told her I was dressed with too many clothes so she should try it on quick over her (bulky) sweater just to see what it would look like. As soon as she slipped it on we both OOOHHHed and AAAHHHHHed - despite it being worn over a way-too-thick sweater. It looked so good I whipped off my parka and my Holts sweatshirt and tried it on over my button up shirt. To my amazement it fit beautifully. Julia and I have pretty broad shoulders and big boobs, so jackets aren't often really flattering. Call me crazy, but this thing looked damn good. Despite the fact that I wanted to stop spending for a bit and had x-nayed the Wang bag I was lusting over, I HAD to get this jacket. And I swear to gawd this is the nicest thing I own.

I'll be sporting this baby at work tomorrow so outfit pics to come in a couple of days. And speaking of nice things, I think this year I'd like to pay more attention to quality and not quantity. I'd like to stop buying cheap stuff and save up for fewer but better items. Things I'll be proud to have hanging in my dressing room and be seen in. And then maybe make a few bucks when I grow tired of them. I spoke to Jen and we both would like to start implementing spending budgets starting next month that you'll see reflected on this blog. Maybe this way Jen won't feel like she's mooching too much off her hubby and I won't feel like I'm never going to get my new house. :)


  1. Nice to see the jacket again - I've missed it...LOL!

  2. that jacket is gorgeous! looks perfect on you. i totally expected "IT" to be a purse.

    1. IT would have been a purse if Holts had a better selection of them.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! It' looks like it was made for you!! Awesome buy!!!

  4. That jacket is adorable. I really like your style.