November 30, 2012

yay for

- we got our passports sent in today...yay for trips!
- i'm finally getting better...yay for feeling human!
- it was my husband and my (or is it my husband and I?) third anniversary 2 days ago and we're celebrating this weekend...yay for date night!
- the mail man delivered a bunch of stuff this morning...yay for being done Christmas shopping!
- made a rare stop at Starbucks...yay for a delish latte to start the day!

and best of all...
- it's yay for pizza night!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

sweater: Old Navy
jeans: Garage
boots: Steve Madden Troopa combat boots via Town Shoes
bracelets: gifts from Mexico
belt: H&M
watch: Fossil
earrings: Milk


I left work on time for a change yesterday and decided to stop at Holt Renfrew since earlier in the day I received an email from them that they were having a 50% off sale. As I figured there wasn't much that I wanted to take home with me that was really on sale but I did manage to find a couple of things (one of which was on sale). First I spotted this black Marc by Marc Jacobs rubber turnlock bracelet. I had seen it before but if I recall correctly they only had odd colours. It's awesome in black. And it's nice and fat which is even better.

Then I checked out the bags, went upstairs and checked out the clothes and footwear, saw nothing exciting, then went back down to check out the bags again because I have been SO craving a new one. I have to admit that the selection of bags at Holts (Ottawa location) is super frustrating. They either have low-range designers or really high end. Nothing in between. So it's literally just Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs or Burberry and Gucci. Once they had a few Alexander Wang bags and I nearly had a coronary. They don't even have any of my beloved Balenciagas in stock. Anyway, after not being very excited by the selection, I came across a Michael Kors bag that I thought was cool. It's got alot more bling than I typically go for but hey, maybe it's about time I start wearing "grown-up" things that are a little classier. And I'm into gold these days so what the hell. I think it was 30 or 40% off.

(The guy behind the counter at the bag section was Peter, my old boss from my stock-chick days at The Gap. Super nice guy. We chatted about Balenciaga bags, I showed him my Balenciaga bracelet, and he remembered I had a twin. Impressive since this was like, 15 years ago. He told me to stop in again. I laughed and answered "I always do"). 

November 29, 2012


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Jen & Kim

thursday at the office

sweater ~ Club Monaco (old - a favourite)
tank ~ H&M
jeans ~ Dish via Urban Trade
booties ~ Jeffrey Campbell's Dino via Solestruck
necklace ~ Zone
bracelet ~ Balenciaga
rings ~ made by my hubby


The little one refused to change into clothes this morning.  So I left her to play for a few more minutes and decided to take pics. Well, Gia quickly abandoned her toys when she saw the tripod being set up. In her favorite airplane onesie, she totally photobombed every picture! Too bad I didn't yet have her in a matching outfit "like mama's" (which she is now requesting on the daily).
I need to pick up a few shirts that are a little tighter fitting. Since I've dropped a few more pounds I find a lot of my tops (like this one) are making me look quite frumpy. Here's what I threw together today for a trip to the library and some quick errands.

top: Zara
scarf: Dynamite
cords: Gap
boots: Hunter Wellies via Trustfund
glasses: Coach
watch: Fossil
heart bracelet: Birks

November 28, 2012

wednesday at the office

blazer ~ H&M {last seen here)
blouse ~ Banana Republic (I need like, 8 of these) {last seen here}
black skinny jeans ~ Citizens of Humanity via Holt Renfrew (fav jeans - comfy like leggings)
boots ~ vintage DKNY
watch ~ Gucci
massive pearl necklace ~ Kenneth Jay Lane via Holt Renfrew
pearl bracelet ~ old

3 shirts

I have no plans of leaving the house today. We spent the morning waiting for people to show up to clean the chimney. They showed 2 hours after they were supposed to, finished in 15 minutes, and handed me a bill for $110. I didn't realize chimney cleaning was that lucrative much of a rip off. At least now I can have fires again without fear of burning this place down, so I'm happy.
I am totally wearing 3 shirts, a hat and scarf in the house today. Is that totally weird? Such an amazing post for a personal style, I suck this week.

shirt: Jacob
chambray shirt: Old Navy
sweater: WIlfred Diderot via Aritzia
leggings: Aritzia
slippers: Minnetonka Moccasins via Little Burgundy

November 27, 2012

tuesday at the office

Today I was apparently the only one that got the memo that it was 90's grunge day. These pants are semi-terrible but 1 - I have been dying for plaid pants lately and 2 - they seemed to match nicely with the wool jacket. I will try and wash them in hot water so they tighten up, which will likely mean they'll be obscenely short and I'll hate them even more. This seems to be a lose-lose situation.

wool jacket ~ Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show
t-shirt ~ F21
pants ~ F21 ($5.99)
chelsea boots ~ Dolce Vita via Wolf & Zed
belt ~ Banana Republic
necklace ~ The Chains of Love
stud bracelet ~ H&M or F21
skull ring ~ Heavens to Betsy
watch ~ Fossil
spike bracelet ~ The Bay

the plague

Still sick, still grumpy, and still very very cold.
Thankfully, my iPhone is hiding my very red & raw nose, as well as the giant bags under my eyes that are growing bigger and darker by the day. It's been a long 10 days, and I need this plague like cold to leave my house.
I'm giving myself huge props for yet again getting up, dressed, and out of the house for the morning. I may return feeling like I could collapse, but at least we are out and having fun.

sweater: Gap
jeans: Garage
scarf: Dynamite
boots: Aldo
glasses: Coach

November 26, 2012

monday at the office

Nothing like the first day of snow. Had to pull out the winter boots and store away my running shoes this morning before heading to work. Almost wiped out no less than 4 times. Got to work and COULD NOT FEEL MY FACE. Happy mother f*cking winter folks! And these boots I'm wearing today - my favourite boots of all time - ya, these babies won't be setting foot outside for 6 months now that there's snow on the ground. That goes for any other non-grip sole shoes or anything in suede. *&^%$

furry sweater ~ Topshop via The Bay {last seen here}
corduroy pants ~ F21
boots ~ Jeffrey Campbell via SSENSE {last seen here}
bracelet ~ Balenciaga
rings ~ made by my hubby

(i need burgundy accessories. for now all i have is lipstick)

first snow

I took Gia out for some fun this morning followed by a lovely mama-daughter lunch date. Although there was nothing I wanted to do more then stay in my pyjamas while drinking copious amounts of chamomile tea, I would have felt bad keeping her home on account of me, after she was cooped up all last week. Plus it actually snowed overnight so she was super stoked to get outside and see what exactly the white stuff was. She touched it and proclaimed "my finger cold, brrr", then later freaked when she noticed snow melting off her boots in the car "oh no, my boots dripping mama". 
So I wore this, and my parka, which almost got rid of the chills. I'll be back to bitch again tomorrow:)

sweater: JoeFresh
tank: H&M
pants: Zara
boots & ring: Aldo
bracelet & necklace: childhood gifts
watch: from my Moms jewelry box!
glasses: DKNY