August 11, 2012

bday din

It was a nice change taking outfit pics outside of the house. The looks we got while doing our little "photo shoot" on a crazy busy street with lots of foot traffic would be embarrassing if I actually gave a hoot what strangers thought. Instead I found it amusing that several people stopped to watch, and one woman even started taking pics of my husband taking pics of me. She was running around like crazy behind him trying to get us both in her shots. Her camera was pretty heavy duty with a crazy lens so I'm curious what the pics are for. Anyway, here's what I wore to din last night. I love the color of these jeans, but don't quite like how they fit anymore. I was debating getting a new pair, and the decision was made for me this morning (yes, I wore them two days in a row) thanks to the grease stain from when Gia dropped her Lebanese pie on me.

blouse: Jacob
jeans: Gap
bag: Aldo
bracelets: JoeFresh
necklace & earings: Mexico
shoes: ?


I have 7 cats, which means when I am chillin' at home, I basically live in sweats or whatever I can find that is VERY casual that can get covered in cat fur. I don't really care too much about what sweats I wear around the house, but I do enjoy casual tops, cute sweatpants, and a decent hoodie/zip up to leave the house in every once in a while. Problem is, I have nothing cute in these. I have some old Roots sweatpants, some very old Gap zip-up hoodies, and some American Eagle tops I hate. And this is why, folks, I have fallen more and more in love with the label Wildfox Couture. Admittedly, their clothing is a tad expensive for sweats and t-shirts, but hey, they're COOL! I have fondled some of their pieces at Holt Renfrew on occasion (thankfully at least 1 store here in Ottawa carries Wildfox), and the fabric is to die for (especially on the inside-out fleece sweatshirts). Not only is their clothing awesome, but so are the product shots on their website. They let the models have fun (which makes sense, they are modelling hoodies after all) and I love that. The photo above cracked me up.

August 10, 2012

jackets from Etsy

I still haven't really left the house (and I'm starting to get claustrophobic) so no outfit post again today. I promise I'll be going out over the weekend so hopefully at least 2 outfit posts will be coming. In the meantime, I racked my brain trying to figure out what to blog today and came up with vintage jackets from Etsy. Enjoy! (And happy birthday again Jen! I guess I should stop calling you "little sister" now, especially since you're IN YOUR THIRTIES).



It's my bday today. Another year blah blah blah. Not a big fan of birthdays these days but none the less we're heading out for dinner this evening.  I'm spending the day chilling at home with G so in lieu of an outfit post, I thought I'd post a few items I'm coveting. It's a little too late for a bday wish list, but who knows, maybe husband could keep these in mind for the future! 

August 9, 2012

couple new things

As I explained yesterday, I was expecting a package from SSENSE. Once again Canada Post f*cked up, and didn't attempt re-delivery like SSENSE requested. So I took a stroll up to the post office (I am sans car today) and picked it up. Totally worth all this aggravation. I bought 2 things, a pair of burgundy suede knee-high boots by Jeffrey Campbell and a brass spikes double ring by Fallon, both 70% off. SWEET! I was never a fan of burgundy, but it seems to be one of the IT colours for fall and I've seen so much of it that it's definitively growing on me. I wear alot of grey so I thought it would be a great way to add some colour. The boots are nice and loose so will fit any pants (not just super skinny). The ring is alot of fun and since I'm all about spikes and studs and lacking gold jewelry, it's perfect. And thankfully it fits! (Thanks SSENSE for the awesome customer service - you guys ROCK!)

this (past) weeks purchases

I finally got around to snapping some pics of the few things I bought in MTL. I was really disappointed in the shopping and I didn't buy much. I'm amazed that after going into 2 H&M's, I came away with only one dress and some accessories. I was trying to shop smart, meaning I only looked at things that I didn't already have something similar too, and that I could wear into the fall.
Although the sales were awesome there wasn't much left in my size. Brown's was selection and the store was a disaster. Mango was all size 2 or 10, and Zara was all sales but too overwhelming to pick through. Simon's was pretty much all winter clothes and I wasn't into it when it was sweltering out. We didn't have time to hit up the malls on our way home as we were anxious to see Gia so I'll be heading back for a fall shopping trip in September.

From H&M I grabbed this dress with a cut out back for $24, a $7 belt and $10 origami necklace.

From Simon's I found a dress I will use as a beach cover up for $9, a $20 tank with cute zipper detail,  a $9 tank that I'll use to layer under cardi's, and a super cute pineapple necklace for $3.

August 8, 2012


Today sucked for many reasons. First off, I am exhausted. I didn't get any sleep last night because my stomach felt like someone was squeezing it from the inside. My husband was feeling the same and we decided the culprit must be the sour cream we ate last night with dinner. So if any of you are like us and ignore the expiry date (it was only two days past) and eat it if it's green free, I'd suggest throwing it out instead. The funny (and disgusting) part is the cat snuck a few licks when we weren't looking and he too was sick in the night, so we woke up to multiple messes on our white freaking carpets. One of which I stepped in before turning on the lights this morning. Gotta love starting your day by stepping in cat puke.
Then I dropped Gia off at my parents for an appointment to have my teeth cleaned. I waited for 20 minutes past my appointment time, then when I was about to ask what the heck was taking so long, the power went out. So I sat for 10 minutes more until it came back on. The asshole hygienist shows up and says "we only have 20 minutes left so you'll have to reschedule." WTF? Can't you just friggin' hurry and make your next client 10 minutes late since you were already late with me? Ridiculous.
What a complete waste of a beautiful day. So today's outfit (which I liked despite the crazy bloated belly) was once again photographed by my phone while chilling at my parents waiting for G to wake up from her nap.


tee: H&M (see it again here)
jeans: F21
shoes & bag: Aldo
sunglasses: H&M
watch: Fossil
bracelet & ring: my mom's...I raided her jewelry box and scored them, plus a few other amazing pieces!

p*ssed off

Monday night I ordered a couple things from SSENSE. They are based in Montreal which is close by so packages always arrive super quick. Sure enough, according to the Canada Post website, my package was en route to my house today. At around 1:30 this aft a CP truck parks in front of my driveway and I watch the guy going up and down the street delivering mail/packages. And then he drove off. I wondered WTF was going on and why he never came to my door, so about 20 mins later I went back to the CP website and it said delivery was attempted and a delivery card was left at my door. HUH?? I had the front door open and was standing right there in the kitchen the whole time and he never came to the door, nor did the arsehole leave me a delivery card. Then I get an email from CP on behalf of SSENSE saying SSENSE requested the delivery go straight to the post office. That's never happened before so first I call CP and the woman was very nice, told me the mail guy should have left a card but if that's what the email says then he wasn't delivering it to my house. So I email SSENSE and within minutes a super nice employee calls me - turns out they never ask that packages go straight to the post office (cause that would be RUDE) so they lodged a complaint with CP and asked them to redeliver to my house....which apparently can take up to 3 freaking days. OMG I am SO MAD. For a change I am actually home, ready and waiting to receive my package and all this B.S. happened. So I don't know when my stuff will show up, or where, so I have no post. I didn't know what to blog about so I went around to some of my favourite fashion blogs and stole some photos of recent outfits I dig. Enjoy.

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