August 31, 2012

friday at the office

I went to work today with my slightly less painful sore back thing going on. But I was swamped, my sister wasn't in to take my photos, and I had to leave early to go to the dentist so I opted to take photos as soon as I got home. While at the mall/dentist and had time to kill I stopped in at Le Château and found a really cute "diamond" necklace for $9.99. I put it on for these photos. Some cats got involved too. Big babies. Best was when I was trying to take a photo of my cat t-shirt and Lucky came over right at that moment looking for attention.

denim vest ~ GAP jacket with sleeves cut off
t-shirt ~ Zara
cropped jeans ~ Zara
flats ~ Everything via Little Burgundy Shoes
bag ~ Alexander Wang hobo
necklace ~ Le Château
bracelets ~ The Bay & Heavens to Betsy
rings ~ Wunderkammer & A Twist of Fate

this weeks purchases

While doing groceries earlier this week, I poked around the JoeFresh section and was totally impressed by the fall merchandise that had started to arrive.  I tried on a lot of stuff that looked amazing on the hanger, but as is usually the case for me and Joe, I felt it was boxy and shapeless on.  I still picked up a few things (for Gia and I) and I'll be checking back often to see what else I can find because these prices cannot be beat.

These grey pants are super soft and cozy. I'm going to go back and get the yellow and teal ones too...because they are $19!!!

Sweater...$29! It's so warm and feels like a blanket, and the tight sleeves prevent me from feeling frumpy in it.

Jogging pants for $29. They are a skinny fit and about as flattering as joggers can get.

For Gia, I picked up these motorcycle boots for $22 and this sweater for $12. I also got her this jacket but forgot to take a picture.

August 30, 2012

thursday at home

I didn't go to work today thanks to that awesome excruciating back pain I get once every 3 or 4 weeks or so (...for the past 15 years). Today was day 3 and it was BAAAADDDD. So I went to my first physio appointment which seems to have done nothing but at least it's a step in the right direction. I left the house in jeans, a tank, snakeskin print flip flops and my Wang bag. No photos. I'm too sore and crusty for photos. Instead I chose to distract myself while waiting for my appointment with some online clothing store browsing. Here are some things that caught my eye. (There's plenty. Going to split it into 2 posts).

Helmut Lang via Farfetch
Chloe small Marcie satchel via Farfetch
Étoile Isabel Marant Melton mohair sweater-dress via The Outnet 
Charlotte Olympia Myrtle calf hair ankle boots via The Outnet
Tweed biker jacket via Topshop
Theory white combo Tablita blouse via SSENSE
Knitted tweedy check skirt via Topshop 
Lime lace peplum pencil skirt via Topshop
See by Chloé twin tassels shoulder bag via Net-a-Porter
Fluevog's Kanawa boot

fresh face

We were out the door this morning before 8 to make the trek out to the country to visit a friend. I couldn't have been bothered with makeup, or accessories so consider this one small step above pajamas. 

tank: Aritzia
sweater: Jacob
shorts: AE
flips: Urban Behavior

August 29, 2012

wednesday at the office

blazer ~ H&M (OMG I love this)
tank ~ H&M
cropped jeans ~ Loft
flats ~ Everything via Little Burgundy Shoes
scarf ~ Road Trip
bracelets ~ The Bay & Aldo

drinks with the girls, and a whole lot of pics

I headed out with some girlfriends for dinner and drinks last night. It was (surprisingly) my first time at Chez Lucien and I loved the cozy atmosphere of this dive bar. They had a small menu, but great food and a wide variety of beer and cider on tap. A night with these ladies is always awesome, so really, the venue is just a bonus.

I have a little bit of a photo journal for you after the outfit pics. Check it out if you're at all interested in seeing what an effort it is to snap a few friggin outfit pics around here.

It took me roughly 45 minutes to get 4 outfit pictures worth posting and I'm gonna show you why.

So I was heading out for the night as soon as husband got in from work so I had no choice but to take pics with Gia awake. So I give her some fish crackers as a distraction which she devours and then comes over to show me her bowl is empty. I intercept her cheesy hands & mouth just in time to prevent them from being wiped all over my pants. 

Then Gia notices the tripod set up across the room and I run interception to prevent the crash that will result in a crying child, broken camera and devastated mama.

Gia decides to pose with me, maintaining control over the remote but she never actually looks at the camera, or stops moving. The result is 70+ shots of blurred Gia head.

Gia proceeds to notice that I'm wearing heels. Something that is so rare around here that she needs to get a closer look.

A momentary distraction has her running back to the kitchen, where she finds a toy bottle, decides that I must be thirsty, and returns to give me a drink. How thoughtful!

Time for shoe shots, with a toddler head for special effect.

So I've got only a few minutes left to finish getting the pics I need so I tell Gia to go grab some cereal (which she always, up till now, has successfully served herself). Here's the result. Awesome.

But at least she sat down for a few minutes to eat the damn cereal. Off the floor. 

On me:
shirt: Aritzia
tank: H&M
jeans: Mango
shoes: Aldo
bracelets: Bahamas (cuff) & taken from my moms jewelry box

August 28, 2012

tuesday at the office

star studded t-shirt ~ Zara
skirt ~ Sfera (Mexico) {last seen here}
python booties ~ Jeffrey Campbell's Arizona Python booties via Shopbop {last seen here} **favs!!
studded bracelet ~ F21
leather wrap bracelet ~ Balenciaga
watch ~ Michael Kors