August 4, 2012

Osheaga: day 2

On the schedule today is Plants and Animals, Young the Giant, Garbage, Feist, The Sheepdogs and Snoop. I overheard someone yesterday say " if there's this much pot smoking for Florence what's it gonna be like for Snoop?". I'm curious to see.
Day 2, like yesterday, is friggin hot but an experience I'm not likely to forget as I've never been amongst a crowd so huge.
These pics were snapped pre sweat soaked hair and glorious water hose attacks.

casual dinner date

My husband took me out for diner at our favourite sushi restaurant last night, which happens to be at the end of our street. Love that place. Any type of sushi with mango and tempura flakes = HEAVEN. We stuffed out faces, then went next door to Starbucks for a cappuccino, then walked home. Perfect dinner date. (Walking 2 minutes to great restaurants is another reason why we don't want to sell our house and prefer the idea of wrecking and rebuilding). I picked out some of my new clothes from Vegas for the occasion.

sleeveless blouse ~ H&M
spotted jeans ~ Topshop
flatforms ~ Joe Fresh
satchel ~ H&M
sunglasses ~ Armani (my only prescription ones)
bracelet & necklace ~ Mexico
rings ~ Heavens to Betsy, A Twist of Fate, allrelative
watch ~ Michael Kors

August 3, 2012

Osheaga: day 1

I'm currently amongst what I'd guess is 30 thousand fellow music lovers. It's 40 degrees out and we are sweating our collective asses off. I'm relaxing in a shady area of the forest listening to The Jezabels jam. Up next is Gary Clark Jr followed by Florence and the Machine. I'm in music heaven.

post vegas sadness

I am really bummed that I am no longer in Vegas, land of the most incredible shopping I have ever experienced. I think I'd really like to plan a trip to New York City sometime in the near future, obviously for another fab shopping experience. I am embarrassed to say I have never been, even though we could drive there in 5 (6?) hours. Now that I am home sadness has taken over, that I will not be able to visit such incredible shops such as Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Marni, Topshop, Free People, AllSaints, Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, Victoria's Secret...and just about every other store we checked out in Vegas. I took a few photos while we were shopping, to remind me of how much fun shopping with my mom was, even though she made me feel guilty for wanting to purchase a designer bag.
(P.S.I really wanted to go into Hermes to check out their bracelets, but the store in the City Centre/Aria had what looked like no customers in it and about 8 sales people standing inside waiting to pounce. No thank you!)

I LOVED the AllSaints store. The entire facade of windows was lined with vintage sewing machines. HUNDREDS of them. And the hooks in the change rooms were really cool.


It's too bad I couldn't properly photograph this outfit cause I really liked it. Gia has had a rash and fever on and off since Sunday and if I leave her side even for a moment she absolutely loses her mind. It's been a trying couple of days lemme tell ya (hence the need for some retail therapy). So all I could do was some quick iPhone pics on our way out the door. 

tank: Simons
shorts & shoes: JoeFresh
necklace: Mango

August 2, 2012

this weeks purchases

I probably should have stayed away from the mall given I'll be in MTL tomorrow but whatever. It was crazy hot and I didn't have anything else to do today.

From Aritzia I picked up this shirt, and these awesome jogging pants (both Wilfred Free and both marked down to $50). This might be a little random but if I ever find myself with time to spare I am so going to get a part time job at Aritzia. I want the discount, but more then anything I want to work with those girls so I can copy their style and have them teach me how to dress. I have NEVER seen such awesome looking outfits. They make even the oddest pieces look awesome. One of them was at least 6 months preggers and looked smokin' in a bandeau, lace dress and gold flats. 

Jacob used to be one of my fave stores but since i'm not working, it's way too boring and dressy for me to find much. But I did find this tank for $14 and a $3 nail polish.

I was at American Eagle to get my husband a few shirts, and noticed that this white leather bracelet that I spotted a while ago was now on sale at 3 for $10 so I picked it up along with another bracelet and necklace.

purchases from vegas

Hi folks. I got in late last night from my trip to Vegas and while I was unpacking this morning I took some photos of the items I picked up. Now, my plan was to maybe get myself a designer bag since I could finally see them in person, but my mom came with me, and it seemed there was NO WAY she was going to let me fork over a large chunk of change on a bag. (Crazy, but she still has a hard time with the fact that I spent $300 on my Wang bag). Regardless, I went a little nuts in Vegas, as I always do when I get to visit a city that ACTUALLY HAS SOME DECENT STORES. I was once again reminded what Ottawa lacks in the fashion department. I got to touch some bags I always wanted to see in person, by Alexander Wang (OMG I had NO CLUE his studded bags weighed so much!!!), Phillip Lim, Chloe, Miu Miu and Balenciaga to name a few. It was glorious. And heartbreaking that I don't have a sugar daddy.

Alright, let me start with my favourite purchase of the trip. If I couldn't bring myself to buy my first Balenciaga, I figured I could at least get a bracelet. I even brought home the box and bag it came in.

My next favourite purchase was a watch. I've been dying to get a new watch for months, and finally broke down and got one. I got it at Michael Kors, which is kinda funny since we have a MK store here but whatever, HELLO new rose gold watch!

I have been missing H&M lately (we STILL don't have a freaking H&M here) so I got a few things there. (I think I paid about $40 each for those blazers - NUTS!)

Visited TOPSHOP for the first time. EXCITING! They had alot of great stuff, and a huge shoe section.   Got a few really good pieces there.

Another first - we visited an AllSaints Spitalfields. It was a gorgeous store. (More pics on that on DTI soon). Really love that store. Love the rock and roll vibe and quirkiness of their style.  The pants below (seen here on their site) were down to $90, and are a really funky fabric (metal fibre and poly). They look much better on that on the hanger. The tank (here) is SO soft and I wore it out on one of our shopping trips. LOVE it.

  Got a top at Mango (see here). Not much excited me there this time.

Found these white capri jeans on sale at Loft. I realized I don't own white pants and figured it was about time.

There are no Victoria Secret stores anywhere near Ottawa so I always stop in and pick up some undies. I should have grabbed more dammit. Exciting enough I felt obliged to take a photo.

And last but not least, some $17 comfy neon pink flip flops I found at Marshalls at the Vegas airport on our way home.