July 14, 2012

friday night dinner date

The hubby and I planned on going to a burger joint in our 'hood that we hadn't tried before...but it turned out to be jammed, so we went 2 doors down to try a pizza place for the first time and it too was booked for the night so we had to suck it up and go across the street to Back Lane Cafe, our favourite restaurant. They luckily had a spot at the bar for us (our preferred seating here). I might have dressed a bit nicer had I known we weren't going for burgers but whateareyagonnado? And the pained expression on my face in pic #2 is because it was 40 degrees in that room and I thought I was going to pass out from the heat. I could not take these pics fast enough! (Pics of the FAB food on my page of DTI when I get a chance tonight/tomorrow)

batwing shirt ~ All Saints {last seen here}
shorts (yes I am wearing shorts) ~ H&M
flats ~ Aldo (marked down even more!)
bag ~ Tory Burch - FEED via Holt Renfrew
right hand ~ bracelet from H&M or F21, new ring from Heavens to Betsy
left hand ~ little rings from allrelative, beaded bracelet from Beadworks, leather bracelet from Heavens to Betsy
(cat ~ Mimin)

a thursday afternoon treat

Every day I walk by Beadworks (150 Gloucester St.) on my way to and/or from work and have been wanting to go in. I finally took a little break at lunch on Thursday with the twin sis and we walked over there. Beadworks (on FB here) is a social enterprise operated by Operation Come Home. OPC provides programs, supports and services to prevent homeless youth from becoming homeless adults. This store gives teens a creative outlet to design, craft and sell jewelry. The teen receives 75% of the sales of their creations and the remaining 25% goes back into Beadworks. LOVE THIS! And I noticed they take in unwanted jewelry and supplies so I think I'll be bringing my old stuff here instead of Value Village. So all you government employees downtown (like me) looking for something to do on your lunch breaks, head on over to Beadworks and treat yourself to some gorgeous jewelry, bags or artwork....and help someone in the process (and they even have an adorable pooch named Stella that I wanted to take home with me).

My sister and I picked up a few things each. Here is what I came home with:

A beautiful handmade necklace created by Robin, for $15.

Then I picked out a bracelet ($15) that is part of the Umuko Project - a non-profit that helps widowed survivors of the '94 Rwandan genocide. Each bead is made of recycled paper.

I noticed a rack of bags, and one caught my eye immediately. It was created by EcoEquitable, a Canadian charity that provides training through small scale textile recycling. My bag is SO COOL - it's made from old banners donated by the government. This becomes evident when you see the bottom of my bag. (It is large, and was $65).

July 13, 2012

some stuff and things

I was off work today so went and got my hair did, and on the walk there I stopped in at Heavens to Betsy, as per usual. First up though, my hair. I had my highlights redone, and a trim and thinning (despite having more than half a shaved head, I still need it thinned out). Franco, who's been doing my hair for about 10 years now (or more?), decided to diffuse my hair and go the curly route. As a result I walked out with a fun afro.

Hallelujah I am blond again. So here is the stuff I picked up at Heavens to Betsy. The really big ring was $15 and is going to the twin sister. The bracelet was $10 and the grey flower ring was I think $35 (and is made here in Ottawa).

July 12, 2012

Another day, another sundress

I picked up this Billabong dress at West 49 before heading up to the cottage. I think it might be my new fave cover-up. It's so light, and the pattern and texture are quite pretty.
And best of all...after wearing it all day it's still wrinkle free!

thursday at the office

top ~ F21 {last seen here}
pants ~ Zara {last seen here}
flats ~ Everything via Little Burgundy Shoes {last seen here}
necklace ~ Aldo

July 11, 2012

wednesday at the office

I had to fend for myself again today with the camera. And because the results are less than stellar I feel the need to mention in a totally unrelated fashion that my belly ring that I have had for about 15 years and for some reason never bothered removing (no one is ever going to see my belly at the rate I'm going with never working out) has suddenly decided to get a tad infected so I just took that sucker out (thought I'd need pliers - nope!). I feel an odd sense of relief....that I am never EVER going to be 20 yrs old again so the stupid thing is totally unnecessary and I can just stick to tattoos and my nose stud which I still enjoy.

sleeveless top ~ Aritizia
cropped yellow jeans ~ Zara {last seen here}
white belt ~ Winners
platforms ~ Jeffrey Campbell's Franklin via the now defunct Plum for Polly {last seen here}
necklace ~ The Chains of Love
left hand ~ F21 bracelet, old Kenneth Cole watch, antique wedding ring, allrelative heart rings
right hand ~ Mexico bracelet, A Twist of Fate tiny ring, other rings from Mexico

July 10, 2012


The cottage has two mirrors, a small makeup mirror in the bathroom and an old distorted one in the hall that is hung at "normal people" height, meaning I can see only my head. Which is fine cause I don't really give a crap what I look like when up here.
Today, I put on this new Roxy dress from Simons with the hopes of getting rid of my tank top tan lines. Friends came to visit, and I thought I looked pretty in it. Then husband came home and snapped a pic. Only then did I realize this dress is not even remotely flattering. I guess I should have tried it on at home, in the presence of a full length mirror. On the other hand maybe it's best to not know, and spend the day feeling like I look awesome.

tuesday at the office

denim jacket with sleeves cut off ~ Gap {last seen here}
tank ~ F21
skirt ~ Spotted Moth
flats ~ Aldo {last seen here}
necklace ~ eBay (vintage Norwegian)
chain bracelet ~ Heavens to Betsy
twig bracelet ~ The Chains of Love
rings on right hand ~ Mexico
thin rings with hearts ~ allrelative


Heard of Avacar sandals? I hadn't till husband sent me this article about them, and now I'm thinking a matching pair for Gia and I would be lovely.  I'm sure, like TOMS, Kim will hate them, but I think they're cute and comfy looking.

Riudavets make them from 100% recycled rubber (tires) and Spanish leather, and just opened an online shop in the US (but they don't ship to Canada).

I poked around the internet and found another shop, Avarcas USA with a few more interesting options, and they will ship to Canada for a flat $15 fee. I think I like the look of these ones better, and they are around $30 cheaper. 

July 9, 2012


Same shorts, different day. Like you don't wear the same thing two days in a row on occasion! Funny part is I actually didn't remember I wore them yesterday till I wrote this post. Or maybe I drank too much wine when husband got home from work.
Gia was more than thrilled to join in on post work drinks lake side! I should be disturbed that the kid says "wine" and "wine glass" but I think it's adorable.

(AE shorts & Target top make up today's outfit. And I'm using the word "outfit" in the loosest sense)

monday at the office

My sister wasn't around to help me out this morning and I had about 5 minutes to shoot these and I hate taking pics in my ugly office under bad fluorescent lighting and my outfit was boring - my version of pyjamas at work - and I had no shoes that really matched so not loving the JC's I chose with this. blah blah blah

top ~ Plum For Polly {last seen here}
pants ~ Joe Fresh {last seen here}
flatforms ~ Jeffrey Campbell's Suebee via Lori's Shoes {last seen here}
shell bracelet & ring ~ Mexico

p.s. dear gawd i need a haircut (Friday!!!)