June 23, 2012

things i'm loving this week

Demoo Parkschoonmnoo double layered drape vest via FarFetch
Theysken's Theory becky franky shirt via Farfetch
stone necklace with neon touches via Zara 
DVF kiki wool-blend boucl矇 wrap skirt via Net-a-Porter 
3.1 Phillip Lim wallace monk-strap leather brogues via Net-a-Porter

tiger print shirt via Zara 
Alexander Wang donna hobo bag via Shopbop

June 22, 2012

friday at the office

It was a little difficult picking something to wear to work today. The heat has me wanting to wear the least (or lightest) amount of clothes possible - without getting arrested. I decided to wear shorts today. I don't own many shorts, and what I do have are all denim, so I figured the shorts below were at least not denim, but still a bit inappropriately short. But TOO BAD because I have been melting for 3 days and there was no way I was wearing pants. No worries though because I was far from the only one who decided on shorts today. I figured I'd pair them with a sequin top to distract everyone from the length of the shorts. 

shorts ~ H&M
top ~ H&M {last seen here}
flats ~ Aldo (on sale!) {last seen here}
necklace ~ H&M
bracelet ~ Etsy shop Adita

summer heat

And so the heat wave continues for another day. G and I went out for a walk at 7:30 this morning and we had to quickly turn back as I didn't put any sunscreen on her (cause it's 7:30 and since when can you get a burn that early???). Despite the time, I could feel my arms burning up and we were both sweating after only a few minutes. I won't be complaining tomorrow when we're sitting lake side. It should be quite the party up at the cottage as Monday is Quebec's biggest holiday of the year. So bring on the boat parties, fireworks, and a good old day drunk.

(Umm why does my black bra look white? Not sure what's going on there.)

shirt: H&M
shorts: JoeFresh
shoes: Aldo
bracelets: H&M and from Mexico
necklace: Mango and now on sale for $7!

June 21, 2012

thursday at the office

It's sweltering here in Ottawa again today so I wore my lightest pants (they honestly feel like I'm walking around pant-less they're so light) and lightest t-shirt. And all that so I could also wear my new flatforms that I adore. I also thought the 40 degree heat warranted clipping my hair up. My half-bald head appreciated that decision, especially now while I sit here at home sans A/C melting in my leather office chair (but I have a towel under my ass to sop up the mess). How's that for a visual? ;)

t-shirt ~ not sure, from Holt Renfrew
pants ~ 2 Two {last seen here - with the t-shirt above again I just realized - I need more white shirts}
flatforms ~ Joe Fresh via my local grocery store {last seen here}
necklace & rose ring ~ H&M
bracelet ~ via Heavens to Betsy

this weeks purchases

Originally I did not intend for this to be a regular blog series, but apparently my shopping addiction cannot be stopped. I just hope my husband isn't reading! I did a little shopping the other night before meeting a friend for drinks and here's what I picked up.

First up...shorts from American Eagle. They were buy one get one for $10 and, unlike the shorts everywhere else, actually cover my bum cheeks. What is with all the short shorts out there? I'm getting pretty annoyed of all the bums being paraded around in barely there bottoms.

denim trouser
destroyed light denim

I can't find links to these three from Zara. I've been looking for mint jeans for a while, and these fit amazing and were only $39. I know some people are saying that the days of colored denim are over, but I really couldn't care less.

And lastly, a cute blouse perfect for scorching days (but I'll need to wear a tank under) and a little mirror for my purse. I'm amazed that this is all I bought at Forever 21.

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June 20, 2012

wednesday at the office

It is disgustingly hot here in Ottawa today - it's after 6 pm and with the humidity it's 43 degrees Celsius (in Fahrenheit that's F*CKING HOT). I chose to wear one of the only dresses I own because it's super light and I wasn't interested in melting today. Unfortunately it makes my boobs look huge but whatever, I was comfy. And I made the hubby give me a ride home because I would not have made it back alive. Now I am sitting here next to a fan with cats sprawled around me while the hubby hides out in the bedroom with one of those annoying (but not-so-annoying because it allows me to sleep once I get used to the jet engine noise) window A/C units. Tomorrow's forecast? A mere 40. 

dress ~ little shop in Sayulita, Mexico
leggings ~ Aritzia
tube top ~ American Apparel 
wedges ~ Jeffrey Campbell's Mariel via Little Burgundy Shoes {last seen here}
necklace ~ H&M
bracelet ~ A Twist of Fate
ring ~ Aldo

hey kim...buy these

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June 19, 2012

tuesday at the office

top ~ All Saints
leggings ~ Aritzia
flats ~ Marc by Marc Jacobs via SSENSE {last seen here}
rings & bracelet ~ Mexico

the outfit that isn't

I forgot eyeliner today. If there's one thing I need to wear to look awake, its eyeliner. So no face shots.
I'm certain I will regret pulling this skirt out from the dark corners of my closet. It's a little too big and keeps riding up thereby driving me mental.
Since starting this post, I've adjusted it another 5 times. Forget this, I'm going to change, so picture me with these shorts.

tee: H&M
skirt: Urban Behavior
shoes: Verona
bracelets: H&M
necklace: can't remember, probably Aldo