June 16, 2012

friday night

The hubby and I were craving sushi last night, and our favourite sushi restaurant is Kikko - about a 2 minute walk from our house on the main drag of Little Italy. Since it was also the first day of the Italian and Ferrari festival, we took in some of that craziness. It's so much fun to people watch during festivals. Lots of kooks come out of the woodwork. And I took the opportunity to sport some of my new stuff.

cardi ~ Forever 21 {last seen here}
"Today's Outfit" tank ~ H&M
jeans ~ Joe Fresh
flatforms ~ Joe Fresh
satchel ~ H&M
rings & bracelet ~ Mexico
cat  = Phoebe

this weeks purchases

Here's the rest of the stuff I bought in MTL. All of it's from H&M, and nothing was more than $29. I'm not going to bother linking up as it's impossible to find things on their site.
I did find many of the items that were on my shopping list but they either looked horrible (that bathing suit was AWFUL) or didn't have my size (I must not be the only one after those sandals; they only had a size 10 left).

And a very exciting stack of basic tees and tanks..

June 15, 2012

latest purchases

Got myself a few things yesterday after work and today while at the grocery store (I am off work today - YAY!). A couple days ago I had gone to Holt Renfrew really quickly with my twin sis to check out their sales. We found a Maison Scotch army/cargo jacket on sale that was really cute. I went home and kept thinking about it and how it would be a great staple in my wardrobe so I went back to get it yesterday (and of course today their sales are now up to 60% off instead of 40% dammit!).

While it was being rung up I decided to also snag a limited edition Tory Burch-designed FEED bag made exclusively for Holts where proceeds go to charity.

Today we specifically chose a grocery store that had a large Joe Fresh section because I really need some pants, and instead came home with a cool pair of bleached jeans and white flatforms I had seen blogged by Karen of Where Did U Get That. The jeans were on sale for $35 (from $49) and the sandals for $29 (from $69).

proud mama

I'm going to be "that mom" for a moment. I'm cringing at the thought of sharing this but I'm just so darn proud. And if you're a parent, you'll understand my excitement. The kid peed in the potty. She's only 19 months old, and it was all on her own. She asked me to take off her shorts and diaper and then trotted her little butt right on in to the bathroom. My days of changing diapers are numbered, and i'm grinning ear to ear about it!
Not that it has anything to do with this outfit, but it's all I've got this morning!

tank: H&M
jeans: Gap
shoes: Verona
necklace & ring: F21
bracelets: Mexico & F21

June 14, 2012

thursday at the office

denim jacket & t-shirt ~ Gap
cropped yellow jeans ~ Zara {last seen here}
wedges ~ Jeffrey Campbell Mariel {last seen here}
necklace and twig bracelet ~ The Chains of Love
rest of bracelets and silver rings ~ Mexico
agate ring ~ A Twist of Fate

style exchange

While wandering around husband and I stumbled into a store I hadn't heard of before...Style Exchange. We had a look around and were about to leave when I spotted a rack of True Religion jeans. I can't afford denim at that price, but I always like to look. The sales girl came over to inform me that they were having a "buy one, get one free" sale on everything in the store. Say WHAT??? My jaw must have dropped because she smiled and said "lets get you your size". So I wandered all through the store collecting jeans by J Brand, True Religion, Miss Sixty, Rich & Skinny, and Paige. I just couldn't resist a sale like this. Finally, my denim world no longer revolves around Gap. It's been a nice, cheap ride, but I now see what all the fuss with these brands is about! I came away with a pair of Miss Sixty Heaven jeans (reg $239) and True Religion Stacey jeans (reg $195...for FREE!).

(thank you sales girl for being patient with me as I behaved like a kid in a candy store, and thanks for shoving your hand down my pants to make sure my jeans fit properly. You're a doll!)

(so ya know...the sale is still on, and shipping within Canada and to the US is really cheap!)

June 13, 2012

a day in MTL

The last 24 hours have been a blast, and a much needed break. Foster the People were amazing live. They were so full of energy and put on an awesome show, mostly because they didn't dub in parts of the record and instead went banana's to recreate the same sound. And lemme just say that Kimbra blew me away. She's just so fun. The highlight of the show was her, and her band, joining Foster the People on stage for Warrior. There must have been 10 of 'em up there doing their thing, and it was great. 

Now back to today...we slept in a bit (7:30 is real late for us!) and headed out for breakfast and shopping on St. Catherine. We took a wrong turn on our way to H&M and came across a store with THE BEST sale of all time. But more on that tomorrow when I take some pics of all my purchases. Then husband left me to do my thing for a few hours and I lazily browsed through shop after shop, all the while people watching from behind the safety of my sunglasses!

tee: Kimbra concert tee from last night
jeans: Zara
belt: Simons
bag: Aldo
Old Navy flip flops (I know, I know...but my feet were sore from 3 hours of dancing in wellies!)

wednesday at the office

cardi ~ Forever 21
pants ~ Aritizia
tank ~ H&M
pumps ~ Aldo {last seen here}
necklace ~ Forever 21
bracelets ~ Marc by Marc Jacobs, Mexico and Pandora
skull ring ~ Heavens to Betsy

June 12, 2012

so bummed

I think I may have blogged these shoes before.

They are by See by Chloe and I've been pinning over them for a while now. I've avoided ordering them because they I found them on Net-a-Porter, an American site and I'm trying to avoid shopping at non-Canadian stores. But OMG they are now 70% off and they have a size 9! (I'm a 8.5 but that will do). Having never ordered from this site before I went through the whole shopping cart process, curious to see what my total would be. These shoes are now $106.50, and would cost me $165 with taxes, duty and the $22.50 they insist on charging for shipping (oh, and they note that you MUST be home to accept the package - ????). So Net-a-Porter, you can take these gorgeous sandals and SHOVE THEM UP YOUR A**!!!

concert night

The 1.5 hour drive to Montreal took around two and a half. While bored in traffic I looked at the venue site to discover that the show was moved up an hour. So bye bye to the nice pre concert dinner we had planned. Finding out that Kimbra is the opening act more than made up for my disappointment. It's humid, raining hard, and an outdoor venue, but I'm sure Foster the People (plus many, many drinks) will make me forget all about it.


tuesday at the office

top ~ Forever 21
skirt ~ Liverpool dept store in Puerto Vallarta
shoes ~ Jeffrey Campbell's Lamp via Little Burgundy Shoes {last seen here}
necklace & ring ~ H&M
bracelet ~ old