June 2, 2012

a sort of random post

All I did today was run around doing errands and shopping for hours and while I did manage to get a few photos on my phone of my boring outfit, they turned out really crappy so you're not going to see those. And all I bought while shopping were 4 bras at La Senza (holy sh*t bras are expensive - $138 and 2 of them were half price!) and some chemises/slips because I have next to nothing to sleep in during the warm summer months. So you're not going to see those either (although I debated it because the bras are really cool patterns/colours and the chemises are pretty cute). Ok, maybe I'll shoot them tomorrow. Anyway, I figured I'd blog about something I'm going to be doing in the hopefully very near future - my next tattoo. I have 4 so far, a tiger cub on my thigh (I was 18 - and that took me a year to pick out LOL), a starburst type design on my right shoulder blade, a small sunflower on my left ankle and my Nonna tribute tattoo on my right wrist (find photos of them here). My twin mentioned a few weeks ago that our co-worker was interested in getting a tattoo and that the 3 of us should go get one together. I've been itching to get another one so I figured WHY NOT. I did some research and lots of thinking and couldn't come up with anything meaningful. So I decided to just get something graphic that will hopefully be kind of cool to look at. I did some more research and came up with the idea to get 3 chevrons on my left lower arm - not quite on my wrist because then they will be hidden by a watch/bracelets so a bit higher up. I was inspired by a similar tattoo on Vanessa of the blog The Haute Pursuit.

So imagine 3 chevrons, a bit higher on her arm, and a little bit thicker. Hers looks too much like someone took a Sharpie to her. I suppose I should have just drawn them on me and snapped a photo. LOL
Curious to know what you all think. :-) 

date night

I headed out last night for a lovely dinner with my husband at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, Vittoria Trattoria. We pigged out on bruschetta, wood oven pizza, and cheese tortellini with grapes and gorgonzola sauce and of course some Pinot Grigio. The highlight of the night was pre-dinner drinks where I enjoyed every last sip of THE BEST Caesar ever made. I could live off of those things. So very delicious.
Anyway, here's my casual on the top, sexy on the bottom outfit. Husband took one look at these shoes and his face lit up! Mission accomplished!

denim shirt: Aritzia
jeans: Gap (also worn here)
shoes: Nine West
bracelets: Urban Behaviour
bag: Aldo
watch: Fossil

June 1, 2012

converse day

Today's outfit is brought to you by Converse and AE. Today's Sesame Street was brought to you by the letter L and the number 11. And that about sums up my day thus far. But tonight'll be a little more exciting as me and husband are heading out for din sans baby.


You might not be getting an outfit post from me today because I have the day off and am spending it lilac bush trimming and reading the stack of decor mags sitting on my coffee table (but grocery shopping might come later so there's a chance I'll snap a couple pics). Instead I bring you some goodies that caught my eye online as several stores are having pretty decent sales now.

Danier - 60% off
Danier - 50% off 
See by Chloe via Net-a-Porter - 50% off

Marc by Marc Jacobs via SSENSE - 30% off
Marc by Marc Jacobs via SSENSE - 30% off 
Alexander Wang vis SSENSE - 20% off 
J Brand via SSENSE - 30% off
3.1 Phillip Lim via SSENSE - 30% off 
McQ - Alexander McQueen via Shopbop - 30% off 
Rebecca Minkoff via Shopbop -  30% off
Rebecca Minkoff via Shopbop - 30% off 
Pour La Victoire via Shopbop - 30% off

this weeks purchases

I had fully intended on spending a couple hours shopping before my dinner date with friends the other night. Traffic was awful and it took me about an hour to make it downtown (normally a 10 minute drive). So I had only a few moments to power shop for some things so here's what I scored.

Urban Behavior (my laptop says the sites forbidden?) had these flip flops on the front rack for $13 so I couldn't resist. Finally, an alternative to Old Navy plastic! The bracelets ($7 per set) were hanging by the cash and suckered me in as intended.

I had a gift card from MAC, and needed to restock on foundation.

I shouldn't have bothered with the MAC stuff, as I met up with a friend and we headed to Sephora. Her friend is a NARS rep and introduced her to some pretty amazing tinted moisturizer. One look at her radiant skin, and I wanted to give it a try. I have never spent that much on a makeup product, but I wore it yesterday, and lemme tell ya, this stuff is magic! I told the salesperson that I wanted a peach lipstick, and after trying a few on she came back with a Dior lip balm and it was exactly what I was looking for. I'm thinking I'll be cheating on MAC more often.

I wanted to quickly check out Aritzia  as I hadn't been there in a while. I grabbed a very comfy tank ($50), and a denim shirt ($95) that they had just received in stock. It's intended to be short on a person of average height, which made it the perfect "normal" length on me. I can't find either item on their site.

May 31, 2012

thursday at the office

jacket ~ Zara {last seen here}
sleeveless blouse ~ H&M {last seen here}
pants ~ Citizens of Humanity Ava low rise straight leg via Aritzia {last seen here}
neon pink flats ~ Aldo {last seen here}
bracelets ~ F21 & Aldo

getting dressed

The battle in my head of should I or shouldn't I seems to happen often. I wonder most days what the point is in "getting dressed" vs remaining in lounge clothes. Then I suck it up, and do it, and instantly feel better.  There is such power for me in looking good, and being put together. I know I am by no means dressed up, or on most days even dressed that interestingly. But I feel more confident, happier, and possess a sense of purpose when I wear "real clothes".  I in no way do it to have content for this silly little blog, but the blog is the push I need on the days where I have no set plans. But if I don't get dressed, we don't go out. And I love to see G marvel in the world around her and do not want her spending her days indoors.
So today I feel good, and am ready for whatever adventures we embark on throughout this no plans day.

sweater: Jacob
tank: Simons
jeans: Gap
shoes: Ardene
watch: Fossil
necklace: a gift my Mom got in Mexico

May 30, 2012

wednesday at the office

blazer ~ H&M {last seen here}
tank ~ F21
cargo skinnies ~ Citizens of Humanity via Holt Renfrew {last seen here}
pig studded flats ~ Marc by Marc Jacobs via SSENSE
skinny belt ~ H&M
necklace ~ eBay
bracelet & ring ~ Mexico

girls night

Last night I got all dolled up and headed out downtown to meet some lovely ladies at our favorite sushi place. It was a much needed night of laughs, drinks, good food, and most importantly adult conversation. Most of which revolved around books, especially the "Fifty Shades" trilogy. I'm on the second book and despite being a tad repetitive, I can't seem to put it down.

blouse: Jacob 
jeans: Mango
shoes: Nine West
little useless purse: Aldo (bought it for my wedding!)
earrings: Magpie
bracelts: F21, an old baby bracelet, and Aldo
ring: F21