May 19, 2012

Long weekend!!!!!!

And off to the cottage we go. With matching outfits and a car full of food, beer & vodka. It's gonna be a good one!

(blogging on an iPhone sucks, so pardon how these posts look)

Club Monaco

I mentioned in this post last month that I am a fan of Club Monaco clothing. Since working at a couple here in Ottawa back in my university days, I grew very attached to their cool, completely timeless clothing. Now the employee discount sure helped alot because I find their stuff can be a bit pricey, but considering it's been over 10 years since I worked there and I still have several pieces in my closet that I purchased with my discount, I think it's worth every penny (and I get tired of clothing real quick so nothing seems to stick around in my wardrobe for more than a few years). I was just perusing the Canadian site and came up with a long list of pieces I love.

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Amelia Silk Boho Dress 
Liza Medallion Ankle Jean 
Liz Flair Jean
Christy Leather Moto Jacket - FAV!!!!!! 
Luella Shawl-Collar Parka 
Lisa Leather Cross-Body
Stella Stud Belt
Riley Wood Ring

May 18, 2012

thursday at the office

blazer ~ Forever 21 {last seen here}
tank ~ Forever 21
jeans ~ Hudson via Holt Renfrew
pumps ~ Aldo (these are so freaking small I need to go get them stretched)
belt ~ Fluevog
studded bracelet and necklace ~ Forever 21
leather wrap bracelet ~ bought in Mexico

this weeks purchases

First up, American Eagle, where everything was on sale! If Gia hadn't been with me, I would have done a lot more damage. I'm thinking the summer will be spent in plain tees, colorful bottoms, and big necklaces. I can't find a link to the first one, but it was $10, and the other two are here at $15 each.

I popped into Jacob, as all their denim was on sale for $24 but the material was super stiff, and didn't feel good on. I did manage to score this multi wrap cardigan that I've had my eye on since Christmas, when Kim received one as a gift from our parents. I was waiting for it to go on sale, and thankfully they still had one in my size. Now I just need to figure out how to wear it.

The t-shirt is plain, but I don't own one and it fits well, so for $25 I grabbed it. 

The belt was beside the cash market at $5, and the bracelet was actually a gift from my mom. She too was at Jacob the other day and bought it thinking on of us kids would like it. Luckily, I was visiting her this morning, so now it's mine!

a little long weekend treat

On my walk home from work yesterday I decided to stop in at A Twist of Fate to check out the jewelry because I figured the beginning of a 4 day weekend was enough of an excuse to buy myself something. I picked up a really pretty red beaded bracelet, a teal agate ring and a tiny silver ring to wear above my knuckle. (Not bad for about $35)

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May 17, 2012

wednesday at the office

blouse ~ Zara
cropped khakis ~ Tommy Hilfiger (got these a couple years ago at the outlet at Place D'Orleans for $8)
wedges ~ Rosegold via Wolf & Zed {last seen here}
multi-wrap bracelet ~ Etsy shop Adita

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trade off

It's really hard to get creative with an outfit when my plans for the day include lunch with 5 kids under 5 and a trip to the park. But on the bright side, I get to spend yet another day with a good friend and some darling kids, all the while enjoying the beautiful weather. It's a pretty sweet life I'm living.

tank: on sale for $15 (also worn here)
pants: Gap 
shoes: Toms
bracelet: Forever21

May 16, 2012

the first closet rivalry giveaway!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about some awesome jewelry I discovered on Etsy. There were 2 rings featured from the shop allrelative. Angela, the owner of this fabulous shop, contacted me about doing a giveaway. YESSS!!!! I was stoked because she offered me AND ONE OF YOU the adorable set of floating heart stacking rings I blogged. I LOVE THESE! They are so simple and perfect when you just want to throw some rings on that go with everything.

I'm not going to make you do anything crazy. How about you just leave a comment with your email address so we can contact the winner, maybe even say something nice about Angela's shop and/or why you think you should win these rings - heck, you can even go mark her shop as a favourite. And because shipping of 2 little rings is no biggie, this contest is open to ANYONE! I'll leave this open for a week, or the end of the weekend, we'll see how it goes. :-)

***Contest closed - Mia won!****

the last of the new shoes

My third pair of Aldo sale shoes arrived today. Go figure, they're NEON! Pink this time!

Hilser - $50 on sale for $26.24

personal space

I consider myself a pretty friendly person, and I do not mind talking to strangers, or sitting beside them on a park bench. In my line of work, all I did was deal with people. But when I'm in the EMPTY food court at the mall feeding my child lunch, and a large group of children and their caregivers come and sit right beside me I feel like my personal space is being invaded. We were at a table for 4, so two of them sat down, and another 4 or so surrounded the table and started talking, loudly, in a different language. Not that that matters, but it made it that much more distracting. Then their food arrived so they started to eat. At my table. And then they had the audacity to give me the stink eye when I asked one of them to move so I could get out of the booth they cornered me in. Not nice. 

tank: Gap
pants: H&M...bought them in MTL two trips ago and just remembered they were sitting at the tailors waiting for me to pick em up!
shoes: Globo
bracelets: blue beaded cuff is from Mexico, wood & ivory are from Italy, coral beaded bracelet from Mango