May 5, 2012

lake side

These moccasins make my feet happy
This lake makes my soul happy.

May 4, 2012

Latest bag obsession

I have a new bag obsession folks. Not that any of my previous bag obsessions have waned at all mind you. I am falling in love with See by Chloe bags. And you'll be happy to note they are not ridiculously expensive. Only expensive enough to stop me from hitting a purchase button as soon as I finish this post. They seem to be in the $300-$700 range. Much more reasonable than a Balenciaga. Here are some that have me drooling just a tad. ;)

Twirl leather shoulder bag via Net-a-Porter
Twirl leather and canvas shoulder bag via Net-a-Porter
Poya metallic leather doctor bag via Net-a-Porter
Patent-leather satchel via Net-a-Porter 
Poya doctor satchel in Iceberg via 
Poya doctor satchel in black via 
Nude patent tote via Farfetch
Pink leather shoulder bag via Farfetch 
Cherry crossbody bag via Neiman Marcus
Poya Vintage - Large' Metallic Leather Satchel via Nordstrom
Poya Vintage - Large' Leather Satchel via Nordstrom
'Poya Metallic Vintage' Leather Shoulder Bag via Nordstrom
Poya Patent Satchel via Nordstrom


I'm going to go ahead and pretend that
- I remembered to put deodorant on today
- my panty line was not visible, so I didn't have to stuff my iPhone in my back pocket to distract from it
- my bright orange bag that I did not have time to change matched my red pants
- my pink toe nails matched the red pants and orange bag perfectly
- there are not 10 new gray hairs that I cannot reach making themselves visible in my head
- my child did not have a level 3 tantrum as I carried her out of the toy store potato sack style

What a day! But I'm off to the cottage and that makes me a happy lady. You probably won't hear from me as we don't have the internet up there, unless I figure out how to blog from my phone.

Cheers to the weekend!

shirt: H&M
pants: Gap
sandals: Aldo
jewelry: Fossil watchAldo necklace, earrings from my nieces school fundraiser

a shout out to simons

I ordered some stuff from Simons a while back and forgot to post about it. Lemme just say that this might have been the best online shopping experience of all time. Their website is easy to use and well laid out. The order was delivered 2 days after I placed it, and I didn't even have to pay for shipping. It arrived in a nice box, as opposed to the dirty courier bag I usually receive from other companies. The clothes were carefully folded and wrapped in tissue, and the receipt was placed on top in a sealed envelope. Sadly, a few of the items (this and this) did not fit, so I returned them on my last trip to Montreal, no questions asked. Had I not been in Montreal to do the return in store, they offer free returns via courier. I will most definitely order from Simons again.

feather neck tee
lost feather sweater


I saw this skirt the other day and came across it again and I absolutely love it. I hardly ever wear skirts but I think this one is SO much fun and would be a staple in my closet for a long time. 3.1 Phillip Lim sweatshirt skirt with waist tie via Shopbop

May 3, 2012


Just noticed this blazer on ModCloth. HOW CUTE!! Except they only have 1 small left. :(

thursday at the office

Yes, I wore pleather pants to work today. You'd think folks in the IT field were boring nerds but that is exactly why I like to spice things up at the office. I don't want to be a nerd...although my half shaved head, tattoos and nose ring are probably already doing a pretty good job such that pleather pants are perhaps not necessary. But I got these 2 Montreal trips ago and hadn't worn them yet so I figured I'd go for it today. Giddyup!

pleather pants ~ H&M
blouse ~ Spotted Moth (I think)
shoes ~ Nine West (old)
belt ~ Aldo
ring ~ BCBG
necklace ~ F21
bracelet ~ no mom didn't want it anymore

if i was a b cup...

If I was a B cup, then I could wear a strapless bra. Or, if I was really lucky, none at all. But I'm not, and I can't so i'm stuck with my massive ugly bra's, with 3 hook closures, and wide straps. I'm relegated to the shopping land of thick strapped tanks and dresses, and must forget all about the lovely selection of strapless numbers. But I can dream, and if I could, I'd buy these.
Spotted Moth


Forever 21






May 2, 2012

wednesday at the office

leather jacket ~ Guess (leather outlet in Vegas)
blouse ~ H&M {last seen here}
jeans ~ skinny Joe's Jeans in Geranium via Holt Renfrew {last seen here}
shoes ~ Aldo {last seen here}(going to wear the crap out of these this season!)
bracelet ~ F21
rings ~ Mexico

errand day

I'm counting down the days till the weekend. It'll be our first weekend up at the cottage and I'm super stoked. Today was spent running errands with my little one in tow. I ran into a friend who is due to have a little girl of her own in a few weeks. I made the mistake of telling Gianna that she had a baby in her tummy. She got this very concerned look on her face, then spent the next 20 minutes in WalMart screaming "baby" while pointing to her tummy. Mom fail.

jacket: Joe Fresh
plaid shirt: H&M
jeans: Gap
sandals: Aldo (last season)
silver bracelet: from Mexico
beaded bracelet: Mango