March 23, 2012

me, elsewhere.

A while back Jess @ The Eagle's Nest asked if I'd like to participate in a blogger style challenge to put together a look for a new mom returning to work. Fun! So I came up with a little something and tried hard to keep it mom friendly (hide the gut, cheap, and comfy). So hop on over and check out what I came up with.

I love that I'm home with my kiddo, but a teeny tiny bit envious of those who are able to get dressed in skirts and heels. If I had a reason, I'd be all over a paperbag skirt and that's why I knew I had to pick one for Jess. I'm loving these ones too.

Oasis: Denim Skirt
Emerson Fry: Paper Bag Skirt
Modcloth: Dash to Class skirt
ASOS linen midi skirt
Modcloth: Paperbag Lunch Date skirt


I finally went and got a haircut today. I think it's been almost 3 months and for someone with short hair, that is a LONG time. Luckily my husband takes care of shaving the underneath part for me every  2 or 3 weeks which saves a few bucks. Plus, it's a pretty cool bonding experience - how often does a husband get to shave his wife's head after all? Anyway, for the past 8 months I have been showing my stylist the same freaking photo trying to get him to cut my hair as pictured but something always happens and it ends up not quite there. 

Today it's finally close to the photo. I need to grow my "tail" out some more because it's not quite long enough yet (it was in the beginning but he cut it all off). The shaved underneath part is visible finally how I had hoped too - most people could not tell I had it shaved underneath the longer hair.

three of us

The cat and kid wanted in on the action today, so I obliged.  It is so hard to get Gia to sit still for pictures so she grabbed the camera remote and ended up taking most of these pictures for me!



On Jen:
TShirt & Belt: Simons
Jeans: Gap Always Straight
Sandals: Aldo (last season)
Boyfriend watch: Fossil

On Gia:
Shirt: JoeFresh
Leggings: Old Navy
Shoes: Tiny TOMS

neon pumps!!!

So I went ahead and ordered the Aldo neon yellow pumps from this post. I love Aldo. Ordered on Tuesday, showed up on Thursday. :) And they are N E O N. You'll be able to spot my feet from a mile away in these things. Picked out a neon pink bracelet too.


I don't know what's worse, the fact that this stupid-ass clutch was listed at $6,995 on Net-a-Porter, or that fact that it's SOLD OUT!

March 22, 2012

thursday at the office

I don't know if it's the image size selection on my camera or Julia's insistence on shooting me kind of from above, but I always look like a midget in these work photos. AAAGGGHHH! (P.S. Outfits at work are limited these days as it is at least 30 degrees in the building and they keep sending us home early so we don't pass out, and all of my summer clothes are packed in bins in the basement).

t-shirt ~ H&M
pants ~ Citizens of Humanity Ava low rise straight leg via Aritzia
shoes ~  F21
necklace ~ F21
bracelet ~ Mexico

March 21, 2012


I finally booked an appointment to get my hair done on Saturday. I'm really tempted to try something drastic, like bangs, and dying it, or chopping it all off. I've had long hair for years, and haven't dyed it since I was 16 so I'm thinking a change is in order. But knowing me, I'll probably have her chop off a few inches and spend the next few months wishing that I had taken a risk.

I spent some time on TAAZ playing around with different styles and colors. If you haven't tried it yet, you really should. It's a blast. Here's some of the styles I'm thinking about.

new jewelry

My twin sister and I went to Forever 21 at lunch because she needed some tops and I needed some cheap plain t-shirts for my walks to work. Of course, I left with more than just 2 $5.80 t-shirts.

bracelet ($7.80) ~ black and white necklace ($6.80) ~ neon yellow necklace ($11.80) ~ chain necklace ($10.80)

wednesday at the office

blouse ~ H&M
jeans ~ Zara
belt ~ Spotted Moth
shoes and bracelet on right arm ~ bought in Mexico legs!

It's day 5 of fake summer and I'm loving it. If only it could stay this way until October. Enjoy my pasty white legs, I'm on my way outside to work on changing their color.

Chambray shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: American Eagle (so old, and so comfy)
Shoes: Aldo (last season)
Bracelets & Ring: Forever 21
Watch: Fossil
Earrings: Magpie
and of course my favorite piece of jewelry, my wedding rings