April 17, 2012

anthro order

A friend of a friend that I met at a wedding a few weeks back works at Anthropologie, and kindly offered to order me anything I'd like using her employee discount. Hell ya! How nice is that?! She is moving back to Ottawa, and driving from out west, so I took it easy as I didn't want to burden her too much with carting a huge order back. Here's what I ordered...

En Pointe Flats
Euclidean Top
Lisbeth tank

tuesday at the office

top ~ Plum for Polly
jeans ~ skinny Joe's Jeans in Geranium via Holt Renfrew {last seen here}
shoes ~ Jeffrey Campbell Yield via Plum for Polly
jewelry ~ mix of Mexico finds, The Chains of Love, Heavens to Betsy, Pandora
(I had a necklace on but Julia insisted it was too much)


Pale pink leather studded jacket via Pixie Market

April 16, 2012


Today was a great day - got some lipstick AND my jacket arrived! Let's start with the lipstick. My twin took a quick trip to Murale at lunch to get some new lip stuff. I convinced Julia to get a Clinique lipgloss because they are AWESOME and I was on the hunt for a red and a coral lipstick. I found both by Smashbox. The red is called Legendary and the coral-ish one is Melondrama. I hope they look ok on. (And they had makeup bags for under $2 so I bought 2 and a mirror).

Then, the jacket I have been waiting for since I ordered it on Etsy on the 5th. I have always wanted a black leather motorcycle jacket. Karen @ Where Did U Get That has a gorgeous vintage one in her shop but it's almost $300 and I thought that was a tad steep. I started looking on Etsy and found one for $120! Ramona has a great vintage shop (Ramona Darkness) and was SO accommodating when I asked her for some photos of the jacket on her. It fits almost perfectly (I hope I can get a sweater on under it and zip it up and the sleeves could be about an inch longer) but OMG the leather is thick and REAL and fabulous. I think this will be appearing often on this here blog. (It's 30 degrees celsius out today so all you get is a photo of it on a hanger for now).

monday at the office

This was not a good photo day. I blame me mostly, and then my twin sister a bit because she did have the camera in her hand (I think we need to start taking pics outside). But whatevs, I got to wear my new Zara pants and Aldo shoes.

vest ~ Lanston via Shopbop
t-shirt ~ Garage (hate this stupid shirt - it's made crooked and I can't stand the material so I need to replace it)
pants ~ Zara
shoes ~ Aldo
necklace ~ F21
bracelet ~ H&M


We are in the process of redoing our basement to create a playroom for G. I've sold a bunch of our furniture (thanks Kijiji!) and today I'm waiting on the delivery of Gia's new play kitchen and a bunch of other stuff. 
So enjoy this very exciting jeans/tank combo. I wonder if the mommy fashion bloggers who do not work are actually spending their days at home wearing the skirts/dresses/14 piece outfits that they photograph. I feel like i'm overdoing it with a few bracelets on. I don't understand how they manage, but I guess I'm one part envious/one part annoyed that I can't/won't do the same.

I picked up Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in "rose" at the grocery store yesterday. This stuff is $7 and awesome. Its a great moisturizer, and the color is very pretty. I'm going to get the peach one next time.

Jeans: Gap
Tank: Forever 21
Shoes: Globo (so old)
Bracelet: JoeFresh

April 15, 2012

busy day

Today consisted of an awesome homemade breakfast, groceries, the Big Backyard & Cottage show, garden planning, park time, cooking, and a belly laugh inducing tickle fight. Apparently brushing my hair didn't make the list.

Gia noticed the photo session going on in the dining room and wanted to participate (hence the arm in the shoe shot). She ran in front of the buffet, struck a pose, then ran to the camera to see the picture. Then she said "again" and ran back for another pose. Repeat for 50 pics. 

On Jen:
Sweater: Gap (last worn here)
Jeans: Mavi
Shoes: Converse

On Gia:
all JoeFresh (I do dress her in other clothes it's just that she always seems to want in on photo fun times when she's in these jeans and a Joe top!)

sunday breakie at the pub

...and trip to the tiny flea market...and Home Depot.

vest-y thing ~ gift from my mom from Mexico
t-shirt ~ Urban Outfitters
jeans ~ Zara
satchel ~ H&M
shoes ~ Coach
then threw on a bunch of my silver jewelry
cats ~ Phoebe and Mimin

April 14, 2012

dinner date

The hubby and I are going out for dinner at a pretty casual Mexican restaurant shortly so I thought I'd get ready a bit early and take some photos before it gets dark (I love spring!). Looking at these now on my iMac, I think I'll tuck in the shirt a bit before we head out.

pleather jacket ~ F21 (old)
shirt ~ Zara
tank ~ F21
jeans ~ Citizens of Humanity Avedon low rise skinny via Aritzia
shoes ~ Ash via Holt Renfrew
clutch ~ Spotted Moth
necklace ~ vintage Norwegian via eBay

cottage bound!

We are heading up to the cottage shortly to start opening it for the season. I couldn't be more excited!!! I love that place and have missed it dearly over the winter. My husbands not sure if we can get the propane fireplace started up so we aren't spending the night. No heat plus a baby is no bueno! 

(I'm in a rush so I used PicMonkeys auto-adjust on these pics...won't be doing that again...too contrast heavy! And I am now aware that the girls look massive in this shirt.)

Cardi: Gap
Tee: OldNavy 
Jeans: AE
Shoes: Aldo
Earrings: Magpie

current favourites at zara

fabric sandal - $99.90
sandal with buckles - $99.90
studded denim shirt - $99.90
flower print shirt - $59.90 
plaited wedge - $79.90
platform sandal - $99.90 
seamed top - $49.90
die-cast mini shopper - $99.90
city bag with gusset - $79.90 
shorts - $45.90