March 17, 2012

bits & pieces

Today started with a killer yoga workout, smoothies for breakfast, and a long trip to the toy store to stock up on outdoor toys. At least I have a reason to be wearing yoga pants yet again!

I was cleaning out my laptop last night and came across some not so good outfit pics. Crop a bit here and a bit there, and voila...blurry bits & pieces of unseen outfits.


I have wanted a new watch for months. The last time I bought a watch was....I think my black Fossil that I got in Vegas (Jen's wedding in Nov. '09). I'd love to eventually have a small collection instead of always wearing 1 of 2. Especially considering I ALWAYS wear a watch. So I just went poking around a few sites and found the following gorgeous and fun watches. P.S. Love Jen's new one.

Michael Kors via Net-a-Porter
Nixon via Net-a-Porter
Nixon via Net-a-Porter
Nixon via Net-a-Porter
Michael Kors via Net-a-Porter
Betsey Johnson via The Bay
Kate Spade

March 16, 2012

friday at the office

Today at work my team and I started our first official day under the direction of another group. This other group happens to be where my twin sister works. And her office is about a 15 second walk down the hall from mine. The importance of this is that I no longer have to try taking photos of myself and Julia can do it for me. I am excited. This will be SO much easier and take less time.

sweater ~ All Saints
t-shirt ~ Urban Outfitters
jeans ~ Hudson Beth Baby boot cut jeans via Holt Renfrew
booties ~ Jeffrey Campbell Nation H via Solestruck
belt ~ Banana Republic
rings & necklace ~ bought in Mexico
bracelet ~ Beaded Dreams

not so fresh

I try to take pics first thing after getting ready for the day so I'm usually pretty fresh. Not so much today. We went out after breakfast to meet some friends at a museum and within a minute of entering and realizing the line was 50 deep to pay admission (last day of march break), I started sweating. Plus today is day one of trying to get Gia on an afternoon only nap schedule which left me with a cranky toddler who didn't want to sit in her stroller for the two hour museum adventure. Then lunch time was an absolute shit show. But instead of showering again and not posting pics, I wiped the yogurt off my shirt, slapped on more lipstick, and picked the cracker crumbs out of my hair. You're welcome.

Jeans & The Doors tee: H&M
Cardigan: Gap
Boots: Verona

March 15, 2012


Just about to call it a night when I found this AWESOME shirt at Pixie Market and had to blog it. Light denim shirt with white crochet sleeves and white sheer net panel on back shoulders. FAB!!

new vogs

I am digging these new Fluevog booties called the Angelou (yes, named after Maya). Funky wedge heel. Kinda pricey though at $399. 

thursday at the office

sweater ~ old from Allegro i think (not sure if that store still exists)
shirt ~ F21 (old)
jeggings ~ Zara (old)
boots ~ Fluevog's Volunteer (whose comfort level never ceases to amaze me)
necklace ~ thx to Jen from Mexico
ring ~ from Mexico
bangles ~ F21

mama problems

Here's a warning to all those around me that I'm gonna be a whole lot less pleasant in the coming days. 
It was like a punch in the doctor told me to cut down on my coffee consumption. Seriously folks, life with a toddler requires 3 cups of coffee before 11am. Plus a few afternoon doses with friends. Apparently I have low blood pressure and that, plus my undying love of all things caffeinated, is causing unpleasant dizzy spells come late afternoon. I got me some decaf and am keeping my fingers crossed for a placebo effect.

In other doctor news, I GREW! I have finally surpassed the 5'1" mark by a little bit. Or maybe I had big hair. Either way, I felt tall, until I looked at pics of this outfit, then I realized I'm a shorty for life. Own it!

Cardigan: JoeFresh
Floral top: Urban Behavior
Tank: Le Chateau
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Globo
Jewelry: bought in Dominican Republic

March 14, 2012


Now, I normally have nothing against Dolce & Gabbana, but DEAR GAWD how can you sell a granny square crocheted bag for $2,895?!?!?! (Proof here)

my outfit sucked

I had a really busy day at work but managed to snap a few pics of my outfit. Turns out it was NOT a good outfit. AT ALL. So I don't want to blog it. In my haste to blog something (as I still have 2 posts for DTI to do tonight) I flipped through some websites and picked out some shoes I would love to add to my collection. Because I am a shoe whore, and will use any excuse to browse shoes online.

Pedro Garcia via SSENSE

Cheap Monday via Solestruck

Caminiti via Little Burgundy Shoes

All Saints



i still suck

It's raining and no friends are kicking around today, so I went to the mall , in yoga pants, and no one needs to see that again so soon. Everyone knows the mall is the best place to go when trying not to spend money on clothes.I returned some jeans to American Eagle that I bought on a whim and then realized I really didn't need, especially with summer coming. I think 16 pairs is quite enough.
Then I walked by SoftMoc and couldn't resist the cuteness that is these shoes. Gianna LOVES them and wanted to wear them out of the store. For $25 I had to buy them, especially because I have the high top version...matching mommy daughter shoes!!!
Chuck Taylor All-Star for Infants

i suck

I failed. Spending freeze be damned...I just like shopping too much. At least I made it 13 days. I'm sure that's a record.
So here's what I bought yesterday (and felt guilty about all night):

Spring coat from Winners. $24.99!!!

Crochet trim shorts from American Eagle. Which are now on sale so I'm heading back for a price adjustment.

For the kiddo, a Twill Motorcycle jacket and rain boots (sold out) from Old Navy.

March 13, 2012


Aldo's collaboration with Preen = The Giffee.....SO GORGEOUS!! And only $175!!! HELLS YEAH!!!


I don't even really know what to say about these. These are the most awful pants I have ever seen. EVAH. For those who want to hide their legs (mostly) and think that having them look like they belong on an elephant is better. I think I just threw up in my mouth a wee bit. (Maison Martin Margiela)

I had to insist on a frontal and posterior view of these lovelies. There is nothing hotter than a pair or bloomers with tomatoes all over them, that look mildly like you are on your rag and forgot a tampon. Jesus, what is this world coming to?!

For those times when you just aren't feeling whorish enough. Slap on this dress and you're good to go. Be kind to strangers and at least cover your cooch. (Just Cavalli)

I have always wanted a pair of pumps with eye hooks on them. Because you never know when you might need an eye hook to hang something. Beyond dumb. And they're all bent which makes them look even more  Home Depot DIY. (Jerome C. Rousseau)

Someone barfed up their Fruit Loops on this shirt. (Christopher Kane)

This wins the Dumbest Jacket Ever award. It's a puffy jacket WITH CROPPED SLEEVES, and if that wasn't stupid enough, they then put some raffia-esque poofy sleeve ends on it....and what looks like a massive elbow pad. This just does not compute. (Moncler)

What does a sack dress with extra fabric hanging down all over the front do to make someone whip out their credit card and buy it? I guarantee this one will be 80% off in 3 months with all sizes still available. (Ohne Titel)

These are the most over-embellished and frankly most uncomfortable looking shoes I have ever seen. The kicker? They're Kanye West by Guiseppe Zanotti for just over $6500 CAD. WTF?!?!