February 11, 2012

a good sale & a mini rant

Damn you Old Navy and your killer end of season sales. 5 shirts for $70...how's a girl supposed to say no to that?

(side note...I couldn't find some of this stuff on the Canadian site, so I checked the US site and quickly realized that they have so much more of a selection then we do. I'm not a huge Old Navy fan, but there was a bunch of stuff that I'd totally buy. What made it worse, is that they offer almost everything in Petite sizes. I'm not sure why we don't have the same selection given we are right next door. I get maybe not carrying all of it in stores, but surely its feasible to carry a wider selection online.)

i can't find a link

Perfect Cardigan
Striped Crew Neck
Diagonal Rib Knit Sweater - link to US site
I couldn't resist picking up this adorable shirt for Gianna to wear on Valentine's Day. It was $5.

Crew Neck Tee - link to US site

new glasses

It's about freaking time I got new glasses. I was totally not feeling my current ones. (Hence why the latest slew of outfit posts I wasn't wearing them). I have come to the conclusion that my eyeballs and contact lenses just don't work well together. You may recall this post when my husband and I went glasses shopping last month. We finally got around to getting eye exams and picked out glasses. I was having a hard time deciding between the black Tiffany glasses I had found in that post, and brown tortoiseshell D&G ones I discovered this time around. In the end I figured it would be a good idea to have a brown and a black pair so I ended up getting both. (My husband got some funky Oakleys).

I could have defluffed my black t-shirt before shooting these. Welcome to my life in a household of many cats. And OMG how cute is the Tiffany-blue case!

Glasses purchased at Lenscrafters.

February 10, 2012

pick one

I need a pair of boots or shoes to wear with trouser jeans (or anything not skinny). I have no time to go shoe shopping so I found these online. Which pair do you like?
Globo Levasseur
Globo Penzien
Spring Bettis (they are $24!!!)
Spring Rockholt
Aldo Gambhira

what we wore

It's probably fair to say that I like my daughters clothes more then mine. Everything has an elastic waist, and she is able to wear patterns and colors that I could never pull off. Having said that, she's in black/white/grey and jeans most of the time. I wonder where she gets that from.  Anyway, I thought I'd occasionally share some of her crazy cute outfits with you all.

On Jen:
Jeans: Gap
Sweater: Marina Luna Cashmere via Winners
Boots: Rinaldi
Bracelets: Joe Fresh
Ring: as always, it's from Mexico

On Gianna:
Cardigan, shirt & socks: Old Navy
Jeggings: Children's Place
Scarf: H&M
Hat: Joe Fresh

making outfits with new clothes - part 3

 Mimin insisted on making an appearance.

Blazer: Forever 21
Blouse: Zara
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity Avedon low rise skinny (via Aritzia)
Boots: Mjus via Wolf & Zed
Clutch: Aldo
Belt: Aldo
Jewelry: Forever 21 bracelet and necklace
Cat: PetSmart

February 9, 2012

making outfits with new clothes - part 2

Shawl Cardi: American Apparel
Tank: Urban Outfitters (can't find it on the site)
Jeans: Joe's Jeans in Geranium (via Holt Renfrew)
Shoes: Ash (via Holt Renfrew)
Bag: Spotted Moth
Necklace: The Chains of Love


When I quit working I also (gladly) quit ironing. So pardon my wrinkles. I can't say it won't happen again.

Jeans & Cardigan: Gap
Blouse: Old Navy
Belt: Smart Set
Ring: from Mexico
Bracelet: Pandora
Earings: Magpie

February 8, 2012

YOOX - part 2

Did you see YOOX - part 1? Great - now here's part 2.

Liberty of London
Lutz & Patmos

making outfits with new clothes - part 1

Since Jen mentioned in her post below that she didn't take any outfit pics today I thought I'd share some from this morning when I was goofing around in my dressing room with the new clothes I purchased recently. I created 4 outfits - here is the first. I wasn't sure if I should belt the sweater...I hesitate drawing attention to my hip area as I have no hips (my figure is rather 13 yr old boy-ish except I have significant sized boobs). I decided to try it with and without.

Sweater: Aritizia
T-shirt: Urban Outfitters
Boots: John Fluevog Melanie
Pouch: Demu Label
Belt: Aldo

my favorite things

Last night was rough. My little miss decided that getting up at 2am was a great idea. So I cuddled her in the rocking chair. Every time I thought she was asleep I'd stop rocking and her little eyes would pop open and she'd shake her head "no". So I'd start rocking again and the little eyes would close once more. This went on for an hour. Then I caved and brought her to bed with me. She fell asleep, I didn't.
So I napped when she napped this morning, meaning no shower, no makeup and no outfits worth sharing.

Instead, here are my favorite things as of late and I use them all daily. I know its not fashion related, but they all make me feel pretty, which is the essence of fashion anyway.

The Body Shop No More Rough Stuff Pumice. There's no need for serious heel scraping if you make this bad boy part of your daily shower. And it's only $6!

The Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Radiance Capsules. These make my dry winter skin feel like silk. They're a tad pricey but worth it.

The Body Shop Hemp Lip Protector. Best lip balm ever.

L'Eau Dissey by Issey Miyake. I've been wearing this for years and the smell is unbeatable.So light and distinctive. And husband loves it too.

Covergirl LashBlast Length Mascara Nothing beats this stuff. I've bought expensive mascaras many times, but I seriously love this one more than any of them.
Benefit Benetint Lip Balm SPF 15 A little bit of color, and a lot of moisture and best of all lasts more than 10 minutes on.

Morrocanoil Treatment. A hair miracle in a pricey bottle.  

Rimmel Sunshimmer Maxi Bronzer. It's cheap, and never looks orange or fake.