February 29, 2012

wednesday at the office

It was a really REALLY shitty day at the office. My team, most of whom I've been working with for several years now, is being split up and no one seems to be able to give us a valid reason for this "divorce" as my director called it. It's crap and thankfully I wore my bunny shirt which made our official last day together a bit more bearable. So did the many drinks I had.

Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Bunny Blouse: H&M
Jeans: William Rast via Holt Renfrew
Boots: Dr. Martens via Karmaloop
Necklace: H&M
Bracelet: from my mom


Oh my, not one item of black on today! Mother nature is sending us another "eff you" tomorrow by way of 20 more cm of snow so I'm sure this cheery, colorful mood of mine won't last.

Sweater: Old Navy (scarf too...it's old)
Boots: Aldo
Bag: H&M
Earrings: Silver balls from Magpie

February 28, 2012

montreal finds

Jen blogged her Montreal finds, and now here are mine. Considering everything I bought except one piece was purchased at H&M, I'd say it would be REALLY AWESOME if Ottawa finally got a goddamn H&M. After many years of us bitching and complaining, we eventually got F21, Urban Outfitters and Zara...so where in the f*ck is H&M already?!?! Anyhoo, here is what I bought...too much to put all on the main page so the rest is after the jump. (I don't know what's up with their website but a bunch of the stuff I bought isn't on it).

the only non-H&M piece - from Simons on sale for $20

can't find this one - $20 (it's a very pale pink with navy)

can't find this t-shirt - $15

Blouse (this black polka dot isn't on the site)

can't find this navy blazer - $60

tuesday at the office

I had room in my backpack to bring my camera....but I forgot I had taken the memory card out of it. *&^%!!!!

Sweater: Club Monaco (old, and still one of my favs)
Tank: Gap (i think)
Jeans: Citizens of Humanity Avelon slick skinny leg jeans via Holt Renfrew
Booties: SOOO love these. Jeffrey Campbell's Dino via Solestruck
Jewelry: Forever 21 bracelet and necklace


This bird tee is going to be seen frequently on this lil blog. I'm LOVING it.

I'm aware that it's a no-no, but I think I'm going to have to start hanging most of my sweaters. The wrinkles are ridiculous, and most, like this wrap sweater, are impossible to properly fold. Wow, I'm loving how this is my biggest problem today.

Also, I'm thinking of taking a basic photography course, 'cause I'm pretty bad at it. I just bought a $300 lens and can barely get a focused picture.

Pants: TNA Corduroy Cargo Leggings via Aritzia
Tee: Simons, one of my purchases from Montreal
Wrap Cardigan: Gap (old)
Boots: Verona
Jewelry: I'm thinking they were all purchased on vacations

February 27, 2012

monday at the office

I could not fit my camera in my backpack today so you're stuck with iPhone pics. I hate Mondays so I thought I'd spice things up with some fur and feather print. :-)

Faux fur vest: Simons (one of my many purchases in Montreal yesterday - more on that in a day or 2)
Shirt: Guess
Leggings: Rag & Bone via Aritzia
Boots: Fluevog's Volunteer

montreal finds

Montreal was a success! I stuck to a budget (sort of) and got a few of the items on my list. I didn't find everything I needed, but now I have an excuse to go back when the stores will have their spring stock in!

I found this awesome Embroidery Dress at Mango for the wedding. It was a little more then I wanted to spend but it looks great on, and has sleeves which means I'll be warm, and it'll hide my pasty white winter skin.
I'm thinking a pair of red shoes will look great with it!

Next up, H&M. We spent a good 2 hours in the store and I bought a few things. I can't find a link for this sweatshirt, but it was on sale for $10!

Slim Jeans
H&M Trousers

Simon's was our last stop and I was too tired to really look around, but I still bought a couple tops.

Lost Feather Sweater
Animal Print Tee
I grabbed a few accessories. The bag and ring are from H&M, and the belt is from Simon's.

There was no way I wasn't picking up a few things for Gianna. The kids clothes at H&M are amazing, but their sizes are weird so I didn't want to buy her too much. 
(can only find links to nylon bow jacketbeige pantssweatpants)