February 4, 2012

saturday afternoon

Headed out to a camera store to get me a little but sorta pro compact camera. I've been thinking about getting one to bring to work for outfit shots, and to always have on hand in my purse when out and about since I am sick of taking photos with my phone. Anyway, you've got to check out my page of desire to inspire to see what I got. Here is what I wore to Henry's (and a bonus shot of my melon - sans glasses).

Jacket: Evil Twin via Shopbop (last year)
Cropped sweathshirt: Plum for Polly
Pants: Aritzia's Talula Frankie Pant
Boots: Betsey Johnson via ModCloth
Bag: Brachfeld Parlaghy via Shopbop
Studded Bracelet: F21

saturday day

Ahhh, the weekend! I'm going out tonight, and plan on staying out past 9. This is a really big deal! I'll hate myself tomorrow morning when my hangover and daughter meet at 5am but it'll be worth it get to spend an evening chilling with my besties. 

As requested, here is Pugley's gorgeous squish face.

Jeans: Gap
Cardigan and jewelry: Mexico
Shirt: Target
Boots: Aldo


My camera is on the fritz, and I am on a little vacation from work, hence my lack of outfit posts. So here is another online shop I love. It's AllSaints Spitalfields, and their clothing is often military inspired, distressed and just really cool. I love their vibe and could honestly live in their clothing every single day. It's edgy, and I love edgy (and that's what differentiates Jen's style from mine the most). Here's the thing. My sister Julia and I ordered some items from AllSaints at the end of the summer when they had a big end-of-season sale. Details of the experience are here. Their site says shipping to Canada is free. But in the end that is FAR from the truth.  Basically, I learned that I cannot order from this store without getting nailed a fortune in duties, taxes and brokerage fees (they use UPS). The total we got nailed on $318 was $168. In the end after arguing with the company, they gave me a $50 gift card. Needless to say, I haven't spent it. So I will never order from this company again, which is sad because I REALLY love their stuff, and that is why I thought I'd blog about them anyway. My favourites are below.

Demise Alpine Boot

Walker Leather Jacket

Aster Boot

Rattle Brodie Skinny Jeans

Pretender Boot

Paleka Jumper

Stripe Plume Cardigan

February 3, 2012


A while back I found myself on the ModCloth website - probably because of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. ModCloth has to be one of the funnest online shops around. Alot of their stuff is too girly (ie. dresses) or retro for me but I have alot of fun checking out their latest additions regardless. And the stuff is CHEAP! I purchased my Betsey Johnson combat boots from this store, and shipping costs etc. weren't too bad. I just went through several pages of their new items and here are pieces I'd love to own...

Gem Class Necklace - $15.99

Aw Shucks Top - $69.99

Ivory Rose Dress - $72.99

Subtle Shades Handbag - $112.99

Coach Tour Top in Sand - $37.99

One Can Taupe Tunic - $49.99

Be a Mentor Blazer - $44.99


I attempted something new today...thrifting! I wish I could say that I loved it, but it was really overwhelming. There was so much stuff, and I'm really not good at picking through the crap. I came home empty handed but I'm not giving up; I'm sure there is some good clothes out there to be found. Next time I'm taking my pro-thrifting friend with me to show me the ropes. 

I'm about ready to chop this hair of mine off (hence my hands holding it back in the pics). It's driving me nuts. I might just break down and make an appointment for this weekend.

This sweater is my favorite. It's cozy, and reminds me of a grandma. Not mine, cause she always wore dresses...from thrift stores. 

Cardigan: Kensie via Roadtrip
Jeans & Tee: Gap
Necklace: Forever 21
Boots: Steve Madden (old)

February 2, 2012

my fave fashion blogs part 2

Here is round two of sites I spend way too much time on.

Keiko Lynn. Never will I ever look this put together. But it's fun to dream.

keiko lynn: rock ballad

good life for less. Her style is effortless every-day looks. I love fashion inspiration that is easy to duplicate. Maybe it's cause she's a stay-at-home mama too and actually dresses the part. Thumbs up for being realistic.

good life for less: my outfit: nice neutrals

What Would a Nerd Wear. She had me at the name! Her outfits are full of color and patterns. It makes me look in my closet and think "blah".

What Would a Nerd Wear: post-somnambulance

Le Blog de Betty. My sister told me about this gem. Betty is too cute and her style is unique, young and fun.

Le Blog de Betty: Criss Cross

what do i wear? I don't really understand tumblr, and therefore dislike it. But I like taking a quick peek at this site as there always lots to look at.

WDUGT street. Kim told me about this site last week and I'm hooked. Addicted may be more accurate.

The Daybook. Her writing makes me smile, and her outfits are very cute. I'm kind of mad at her 'cause she just had a baby and looks this good. 
The Daybook: Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Need Supply

One of my favourite online shops to peruse is Need Supply. I have yet to order from them as I have been trying to stay away from American stores so I don't get nailed with duty charges, but one of these days I may break down as they sell some really cool stuff. The majority of which is brands of very reasonable prices. I found this shop during my Jeffrey Campbell shoe obsession. (Still a fan of JC's but not nearly as obsessed as I was). Here are some of their newer items that caught my eye.

Picnic pouch by Marie Turnor

(get this: the description says 'for best aging results wear for six months before washing')

Foldover Clutch in Gold by Claire Vivier

Giant Blazer by Funktional

Jax by Dolce Vita

Hook Bracelet Burgundy Leather by Miansai

February 1, 2012


Animal prints are, in general, too flashy for me. I always pass them over with a quick glance at stores. But on my last shopping trip I found myself in a change room beside a girl trying on this tank and I decided I liked it. My one and only article of clothing with an animal print. Is snake print considered an animal print? Whatever. 

Jeans: Citizens of Humanity Avedon Slick Skinny Jeans via Aritzia
Tank: Wilfred via Aritzia
Sweater: Gap
Boots: Aldo
Bracelet: street vendor

new coats

My life has been chaos the last week or so, and I realized this morning that I haven't blogged my new coats yet. You may recall this post where Jen did some parka research for me. She did a fantastic job I might add and I selected the Forever 21 coat she had blogged. But because shipping is free only if you spend more than $60, I bought another coat too! 

I ended up paying $40.99 for the parka and $24.99 for the fur coat. SWEET!

January 31, 2012


I often surf online shops that sell designer duds, and fairly often I am struck with the question "WTF?!?!". I thought I'd occasionally do a post on this subject, and today starts it off. Here are some items that had me asking WTF?!

Marc Jacobs Pleated Cuff Trouser - pleated, cuffed, wide-legged and high-waisted. REALLY?!?! 

PS Kaufman Oxford Heel - I get the scuffed/grubby look but why teal? It's so i-just-painted-my-bedroom-teal-while-wearing-these

Karl Blanca PVC-Front Cotton-Poplin Shirt - anything with PVC in the name is just wrong right from the get-go

Burberry Prorsum Raffia-fringed Woven Parka - this one just hurts my eyes. and a raffia fringed hood is an added bonus

3.1 Phillip Lim Wolf Pullover - this is one hell of a man repeller top

my fave fashion blogs part 1

I am sick, the kid is sick. I've spent the day chasing my baby around and wiping snot. I'm still in pj's and I'm sure no one wants to see me in my current state. So in lieu of an outfit post, and since we haven't gotten around to doing a blog roll, here are some of my favorite fashion blogs...

Kendi Everyday. She loves heels, takes great pics, and never seems to wear the same thing twice. I guess that's a huge benefit of owning your own clothing store. I'm jealous.

"Kendi Everyday: Neopolitan"

Miss Melissa. She's Canadian, has an awesome purse collection and makes me wish I had a reason to wear skirts.

Miss Melissa: My Weekend

Moda Mama. Also Canadian and also a mama. Her blog is part fashion, part life. I love her because she wears clothes that are realistic to the lifestyle, and sometimes that means jeans and a sweater.

Moda Mama: Twenty Nine Again

One Hundred Inspirations. Four lovely bloggers get together to recreate celeb styles for less.
Atlantic-Pacific. I'm sure everyone already knows about this lovely blog. Great outfits, and diverse style.
Basically, looks I know I could never pull off.

Atlantic-Pacific: TGIF

Lilly's Style. She is often headless, but always well put together in casual everyday looks.