November 27, 2012

tuesday at the office

Today I was apparently the only one that got the memo that it was 90's grunge day. These pants are semi-terrible but 1 - I have been dying for plaid pants lately and 2 - they seemed to match nicely with the wool jacket. I will try and wash them in hot water so they tighten up, which will likely mean they'll be obscenely short and I'll hate them even more. This seems to be a lose-lose situation.

wool jacket ~ Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show
t-shirt ~ F21
pants ~ F21 ($5.99)
chelsea boots ~ Dolce Vita via Wolf & Zed
belt ~ Banana Republic
necklace ~ The Chains of Love
stud bracelet ~ H&M or F21
skull ring ~ Heavens to Betsy
watch ~ Fossil
spike bracelet ~ The Bay


  1. you're forgetting that it is a win-win situation for me. i'm slightly larger in pants than you so I'd be MORE than happy to take those pants off your're welcome.

  2. so bummed that the jacket was too big on me. looks great on you.