November 25, 2012

i almost made it...

...the entire weekend without caving in to those Black Friday weekend sales. But this morning I broke. I couldn't help myself. I spotted these Zadig & Voltaire boots on Solestruck and nearly had a coronary.

And then I shed a tear when I realized they had no size 9s left. Did I mention today is Solestruck's 50% sale footwear day? YEAH. But then I noticed they had these boots also from Z&V and thought they were a close second.

I thought no, I want to save for a bag (hoping SSENSE will lower some to 50 or 70% off soon), then kept flip flopping back and forth, and ended up racing down the stairs to my Mac and hit the freaking Add to Cart button before I could change my mind a fourth time. Done. I now own a cool pair of moto boots. Finally. Because my Frye ones from Apple Saddlery are kind of ugly (they are sort of blue, and have sections that are faded and tinted green) - and you can have 'em Julia.


  1. WOOHOO...I LOVE hand me downs!!!! MAN, does it ever pay to have a twin who shares my foot size.

  2. i was just in the bsmt and found my Aldo boots that are like the ones I bought at the vintage sale. you can have those too.

  3. YES!!!!!!!!!! Not sure when I'll be at work next to get them from you though...