November 30, 2012


I left work on time for a change yesterday and decided to stop at Holt Renfrew since earlier in the day I received an email from them that they were having a 50% off sale. As I figured there wasn't much that I wanted to take home with me that was really on sale but I did manage to find a couple of things (one of which was on sale). First I spotted this black Marc by Marc Jacobs rubber turnlock bracelet. I had seen it before but if I recall correctly they only had odd colours. It's awesome in black. And it's nice and fat which is even better.

Then I checked out the bags, went upstairs and checked out the clothes and footwear, saw nothing exciting, then went back down to check out the bags again because I have been SO craving a new one. I have to admit that the selection of bags at Holts (Ottawa location) is super frustrating. They either have low-range designers or really high end. Nothing in between. So it's literally just Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Marc by Marc Jacobs or Burberry and Gucci. Once they had a few Alexander Wang bags and I nearly had a coronary. They don't even have any of my beloved Balenciagas in stock. Anyway, after not being very excited by the selection, I came across a Michael Kors bag that I thought was cool. It's got alot more bling than I typically go for but hey, maybe it's about time I start wearing "grown-up" things that are a little classier. And I'm into gold these days so what the hell. I think it was 30 or 40% off.

(The guy behind the counter at the bag section was Peter, my old boss from my stock-chick days at The Gap. Super nice guy. We chatted about Balenciaga bags, I showed him my Balenciaga bracelet, and he remembered I had a twin. Impressive since this was like, 15 years ago. He told me to stop in again. I laughed and answered "I always do"). 


  1. nice bag! i need a new one and am debating actually spending more than 50 on it.

    1. this was $229 i think. i have yet to break the $300 mark on a bag. I of these days....

    2. i lie - i think my kate spade bag was $350