October 25, 2012

new footwear

I have a problem. I tend to end up buying "funky" footwear (red, leopard, mouse with studs, military clog-like), and then I am stuck with none of the basics. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I own 1 pair of pumps and they're fluro yellow. I have no classic flat or heeled black boots - you know, the kind you would wear to a funeral, or court. I also don't have a pair of flats that are more of a loafer - that cover more of your foot than a ballet flat would. Something you could wear in the winter and not get frostbite. Love and behold, I now own a pair of classic black boots, and a SICK loafer-ish flat shoe. YES!!!!!! Thank you Wolf & Zed for supplying Ottawa with seriously cool footwear. Please give a warm welcome to my new Modern Vintage Helena flats and Dolce Vita Alyssa boots.

(the lighting was off - the burgundy colour is more like the top photo in real life)


  1. nice boots.
    you really think those flats are not "funky"?

  2. sure but they at least go with everything.

  3. Yaaaaaaaay I'm glad you enjoy them =D

    Naomi (I work at WOLF)