September 19, 2012

this week's treats

Yesterday after work I showed up to my physio appointment 15 minutes early so I went into Rexall to poke around the cosmetics section. I came out with an In Style mag that's about 800 pages, and 2 Essie nail polishes. As much as I dislike the quality of Essie polish, I can't stop buying them because they have great colours, like these: it's genius and wrapped in rubies. (I've wearing the first in today's outfit post).

On my way home today I walked past the only store worth stopping in on my walk home - A Twist of Fate - ...and saw a sign on the door saying it's closing. DAMMIT. Turns out construction on Bronson is  causing crappy sales. I felt bad and since everything was at least 30% off I decided to make the most of it and get myself some jewelry.
I first found these 3 bracelets in brown and cream...

Then I spotted this incredible and very large pendant (it's 2.5" wide and tall not incl the loop)...

Then I tried on about a dozen rings and picked these 2 out - the one on the left is some kind of Brazilian stone and the one on the right just has the coolest shape....

1 comment:

  1. Great finds!
    Bummer about the polish... It's actually my fave brand!