August 31, 2012

this weeks purchases

While doing groceries earlier this week, I poked around the JoeFresh section and was totally impressed by the fall merchandise that had started to arrive.  I tried on a lot of stuff that looked amazing on the hanger, but as is usually the case for me and Joe, I felt it was boxy and shapeless on.  I still picked up a few things (for Gia and I) and I'll be checking back often to see what else I can find because these prices cannot be beat.

These grey pants are super soft and cozy. I'm going to go back and get the yellow and teal ones too...because they are $19!!!

Sweater...$29! It's so warm and feels like a blanket, and the tight sleeves prevent me from feeling frumpy in it.

Jogging pants for $29. They are a skinny fit and about as flattering as joggers can get.

For Gia, I picked up these motorcycle boots for $22 and this sweater for $12. I also got her this jacket but forgot to take a picture.

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