August 2, 2012

this weeks purchases

I probably should have stayed away from the mall given I'll be in MTL tomorrow but whatever. It was crazy hot and I didn't have anything else to do today.

From Aritzia I picked up this shirt, and these awesome jogging pants (both Wilfred Free and both marked down to $50). This might be a little random but if I ever find myself with time to spare I am so going to get a part time job at Aritzia. I want the discount, but more then anything I want to work with those girls so I can copy their style and have them teach me how to dress. I have NEVER seen such awesome looking outfits. They make even the oddest pieces look awesome. One of them was at least 6 months preggers and looked smokin' in a bandeau, lace dress and gold flats. 

Jacob used to be one of my fave stores but since i'm not working, it's way too boring and dressy for me to find much. But I did find this tank for $14 and a $3 nail polish.

I was at American Eagle to get my husband a few shirts, and noticed that this white leather bracelet that I spotted a while ago was now on sale at 3 for $10 so I picked it up along with another bracelet and necklace.

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  1. COOL STUFF! (Damn I love Aritzia too - I need to get a job there and at Holts)