August 14, 2012

this (past) weeks purchases

I bought a few things last week and found a few minutes to take some pics. I am in love with every one of these items and I'm sure they will be making many appearances around here. And with these latest purchases, comes the start of another spending freeze. Until my next trip to MTL, I will not be spending any money on clothes or shoes. Sigh.

First up, Aldo had a further reduction on sale sandals so I ordered these from the store (they didn't have my size in stock) and they were delivered to my door, free of charge, the very next morning. And this is why most of my footwear and bags are from that store...their customer service is incredible.

I got an email from Little Burgundy that they were doing 50% off all sale merchandise so I ordered a few things. But first I must vent at how shitty this store is. After a bad experience I had, I knew I should've stayed away but I looked and found these shoes and this purse that I liked. Kim added a pair of sandals to my order too. A few of my items arrived withing a couple of days, but Kim's never did. Finally I got an email saying the item is out of stock and they would refund me. A week later i'm still waiting for said refund. Also, I was charged for a scarf that I have yet to receive. It's a shame they have such nice shoes because it's time I say "screw you Little Burgundy". 

While downtown last week, I slipped into Aritzia to grab a pair of leggings since I ripped mine. There sales were awesome so I had a peek around and also came home with a Community sweater ($60) and TNA shorts ($30).

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  1. those sandals are AWESOME....but more importantly - they SHOWED UP.