August 9, 2012

this (past) weeks purchases

I finally got around to snapping some pics of the few things I bought in MTL. I was really disappointed in the shopping and I didn't buy much. I'm amazed that after going into 2 H&M's, I came away with only one dress and some accessories. I was trying to shop smart, meaning I only looked at things that I didn't already have something similar too, and that I could wear into the fall.
Although the sales were awesome there wasn't much left in my size. Brown's was selection and the store was a disaster. Mango was all size 2 or 10, and Zara was all sales but too overwhelming to pick through. Simon's was pretty much all winter clothes and I wasn't into it when it was sweltering out. We didn't have time to hit up the malls on our way home as we were anxious to see Gia so I'll be heading back for a fall shopping trip in September.

From H&M I grabbed this dress with a cut out back for $24, a $7 belt and $10 origami necklace.

From Simon's I found a dress I will use as a beach cover up for $9, a $20 tank with cute zipper detail,  a $9 tank that I'll use to layer under cardi's, and a super cute pineapple necklace for $3.

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  1. i have 2 of those belts. nice scores regardless.