August 12, 2012

saturday night's alright

It's a rare weekend spent in town so we made the most of it by going over to friends' house for dinner. They also have kids, so it's a welcome change to have people on our schedule (dinner at 5ish, goodbyes around 7). The kids had a great time playing, and the adults enjoyed some good wine, a delicious meal, and they even had a birthday cake for me. So sweet.

G and her various body parts are all over these pictures...she was in the mood to pose and was particularly interested in "mama's rips".  As we were taking pics she dropped her snack on the floor and I stopped to clean it up. I did not notice until uploading these pics that some of it got on me, so yes, that is remnants of a fruit bag on my foot. And it was still there this morning. Being a mom is glamorous, ain't it?

(sorry for the pic overload, but the kid is cute, and her weird eyes are funny).

tee: H&M
jeans: Zara
shoes: Aldo...they are now on sale for $8!
bracelets: Shani & AdiBirks
necklace: H&M
watch: Fossil

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