August 8, 2012

p*ssed off

Monday night I ordered a couple things from SSENSE. They are based in Montreal which is close by so packages always arrive super quick. Sure enough, according to the Canada Post website, my package was en route to my house today. At around 1:30 this aft a CP truck parks in front of my driveway and I watch the guy going up and down the street delivering mail/packages. And then he drove off. I wondered WTF was going on and why he never came to my door, so about 20 mins later I went back to the CP website and it said delivery was attempted and a delivery card was left at my door. HUH?? I had the front door open and was standing right there in the kitchen the whole time and he never came to the door, nor did the arsehole leave me a delivery card. Then I get an email from CP on behalf of SSENSE saying SSENSE requested the delivery go straight to the post office. That's never happened before so first I call CP and the woman was very nice, told me the mail guy should have left a card but if that's what the email says then he wasn't delivering it to my house. So I email SSENSE and within minutes a super nice employee calls me - turns out they never ask that packages go straight to the post office (cause that would be RUDE) so they lodged a complaint with CP and asked them to redeliver to my house....which apparently can take up to 3 freaking days. OMG I am SO MAD. For a change I am actually home, ready and waiting to receive my package and all this B.S. happened. So I don't know when my stuff will show up, or where, so I have no post. I didn't know what to blog about so I went around to some of my favourite fashion blogs and stole some photos of recent outfits I dig. Enjoy.

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Sincerely, Jules


  1. I have such a hate on for Canada Post. This is such sucky typical behaviour from them.

  2. Really?! In the bigger scheme of things is it that bad? Frustrating...yes...but!?

    1. I didn't say anything about this being worse than say, world hunger.... or getting cancer. I had a boring day filled with nothing but blog stuff and chores around the house (I'm on vacay and my husband has to work and takes our only car) and the ONE BRIGHT LIGHT was this package that never showed, cause the postman was to lazy to walk the 10 feet from the end of my driveway to my door. But BELIEVE ME, I've got other shit going on in my life that is WAY WORSE.

  3. hey thanks for throwing me up there! and yes, it is uber frustrating when you ordered something, are expecting it, and its so effing close, but so effing far. in the grand scheme of things, yes "first world probz", but we live in the first world and such are our frustrations(our 'luxurious' frustrations), and it doesn't mean we're not aware of other problems. not every post has to be about curing cancer, no one is a saint (not even 'anonymous' i bet), and this is after all a fashion blog ;)

  4. if only everything could always be delivered UPS the online shopping world would be a better place.

    1. until the day UPS shows up at your door and you discover the stuff you bought is COD and then you have to fork over like, half the cost of your items. (on a side note, UPS always sends the same guy to my place so I feel the need to smile when I see him driving around my hood, cause he's been by so often over the years)