August 21, 2012


Sorry about being MIA lately. We came up to the cottage on Friday, and I decided to stay until I get bored. As I'm still going strong so I'm not sure when I'll be wearing something post-able. 

My bestest friend and her family came up for a visit over the weekend and when I hugged their 16 year old daughter hello, I instantly noticed the awesome friendship bracelets on her wrist. I was brought back to many childhood days spent making those very same bracelets with her mother. I asked her to please make me some and of course, like any teen girl, she produced a massive box of string from the trunk of their car and got to work. The fun of the day got in the way from her making the 10 or so that I wanted but I'm going to head to the craft store when I get home to get string of my own and scour my memory try to remember how to make them. If not, there's always YouTube to show me how! So here are the two awesome bracelets. Thanks Abby!

Then today, because of cloudy skies above, Gia and I headed into town in search of crayons and stickers. In the craft aisle of the super cheap variety store, I came across Gimp and again memories came rushing back of hours spent making all sorts of gimp bracelets. I bought myself a little bag and will get started tonight on trying to make one like this. I'll let you know how it turns out!

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