August 20, 2012

monday at the office

I do not like the jacket and pants combo below (both are too boxy) - the joys of getting dressed for work at work. My hair is a mess. My allergies (ragweed I guess) are driving me mental. Welcome to my Monday. 

These flats I found at Walmart yesterday (from their George line) for $15. They will be my new stay-at-work-shoes-in-case-my-feet-hurt-or-i-have-run-to-the-rideau-centre-at-lunch-or-i-have-some-shoe-catastrophe shoes.

jacket ~ Joe Fresh (hand-me-down from Jen who thought it looked too frumpy on her)
pants ~ Tommy Hilfiger
tank ~ H&M
wedges ~ Rosegold via Wolf & Zed
necklace ~ gift from Mexico (thanks mom!)
brown beaded bracelet ~ gift from Greece (thanks mom!)
cross bracelet ~ The Bay
remaining bracelet ~ A Twist of Fate
two-finger ring ~ Fallon via SSENSE


  1. The jacket looks great on you. However, I think you should toss those pants.

    1. i need replacements khakis first.

  2. Kim, I am having so much fun perusing your office attire. I am curious. How long does it take you to get ready for work? It would take me forever. Also - how do you put together an outfit? Are they carefully planned? Or quickly and intuitively assembled for a carefree vibe? Perhaps we need a post on how you put together an outfit. You definitely have a style all your own. P.S. I need that neon yellow purse.

    1. i have to plan my outfit the night before cause i get up at 5 am and in the morning i just pack it all in my backpack and put on a tank and shorts (or parka depending on the season) and walk to work in my walking clothes. so often I don't even know what my outfit is going to look like until I put it on in the bathroom at work.