August 17, 2012

lunchtime fondling

My twin needed to run an errand at lunch close to Holt Renfrew so she suggested I join and we stop in for a bit of browsing. Believe it or not, I left empty-handed but not before I did some fondling of some pretty fabulous stuff.

Our birthday is next week, and our folks gave us each some dough for our birthdays (Jen, Julia and I share birthdays exactly 2 weeks apart). My mom knows since our Vegas trip how much I really lust after Balenciaga bags. She eluded in my birthday card that the $ could go towards one of these beauties. So at Holts, I nearly passed out when I noticed their collection of typically 3 Balenciagas grew to like, 12. So I fondled this one because it matches my bracelet perfectly:

And then I drooled over this one in "Lagon".

If that wasn't enough I experienced heart palpitations when I noticed they had (for the first time) a couple of Alexander Wang bags:

Yep, I fondled those too. The Diego bucket bag is really something else (despite the weight of the studs on the bottom) - might have been seriously tempted if they had of carried it in grey.

I may have gotten a little touchy-feely with a certain scarf adorned with skulls by a Mr. McQueen. I am not much of a scarf wearer but dear gawd do I want one of these.

Giving up on bag and scarf nonsense, we went upstairs to peruse the shoe and clothing sections. Nothing too exciting, but after my Wildfox post I had to go have another look at which pieces they carry. I found some sweatshirts and wanted this one (they had it in heather grey) really badly but they only had a few in XS.

I tried on this super cute blazer by Smythe (Canadian company folks! -Co-owned by Christie Smythe who happens to be the sister of Tommy Smythe who happens to be Sarah Richardson's sidekick and a kick-ass designer) but it is $$ and hung a little strangely on me. The lovely sales chick who was chatting with us said they're getting in a bunch more Smythe blazers so I can't wait to see what they get!

Bummer of a trip. Whatever, it got me out of the office. To ease the pain I'm thinking about getting these Fluevog booties....

How sweet would these be with a cream oversized knit sweater and skinny dark jeans?!


  1. so...did you buy the boots yet? if not, you should get on it!

  2. HELLS YEAH I DID!!! A kind Fluevoger at the Granville store called to tell me my credit card was declined but we sorted it out and my boots are on their way! (too bad they apparently aren't getting here until Monday)