August 23, 2012

kim's pants...meh

I do not pretend to be an authority on fashion in any way. I'm the first to admit my sense of style is boring and I play it safe all the time. However, I do know when something looks good (or in this case not so good). It's Kim's pants I'm speaking of, seen herehere and here. They drive me bonkers, way more then someone else's clothes should, but alas, they do. So I told her to toss 'em and she replied that she would when she found something to replace them with and as I fear we will see them again, I took the liberty to find her some options. I'm an awesome sister (evidently with way too much time on my hands and no life).

Banana Republic



Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren via ASOS




  1. LOL!!!!

    I love the BR ones. Oh - just noticed the rips in the Gap ones so i love those too.

  2. I wanted to tell Kim to throw away those pants immediately, but thought it would sound to mean coming from a stranger. Thanks for doing it for me. Always love to see what you two come up with and have even bought some of the stuff after seeing it on you.

    1. LOL

      jeez - consider those pants trashed.

  3. ...too mean...stupid iPad user...

  4. I vote for the Banana Republic pants! I always buy the "Martin" fit...they are super flattering on everyone.