August 24, 2012

Happy birthday me

Today happens to be.....oh gawd here goes.....the 37th birthday of my twin sister and I. Which means I am now in my late thirties. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Moving right along....Wednesday my twin needed some cheering up so I suggested we go to Zara on our lunch break for a distraction. Since I fortunately have today off, I managed to snap some photos of the stuff I bought, because you know I can't walk out of there empty handed. Especially when I still had b-day money to blow.

I love these heels! I wanted black but they didn't have my size. But this orangey red is so fabulous I decided to hell with black.

Once I settled on the heels, I figured I'd run with that and bought an adorable matching purse and large statement necklace. Since I wear alot of grey tops I figured this stuff will get tons of use in the future (like b-day dinner tonight hopefully).

I adore this shade of olive green, and the cute star studs. Hopefully this will match the olive boots that should be at my door Monday.

Awesome cat t-shirt. Don't think I need to explain this. :-)

Some not low-waisted skinny jeans to hide 37 year old blubber. These were only $40 and they're thick like "regular" jeans. I hate thin, cheap jeans.


  1. Looks like that trip to Zara was a success! Love the shoes!

  2. Happy Birthday! Love the shoes and the statement necklace. Awesome "happy birthday to me" gift indeed. Where are you going for dinner? I always enjoy dining out vicariously through you, so please post lots of pics! :)

    1. thanks Linda! we went to Play (on sussex). was awesome - our second time there. i'll post pics of what we ate ASAP (hopefully tomorrow morning as I am ending my bday with a couple episodes of Breaking Bad and some sangria my husband is making as I type this)