August 7, 2012


We have a membership to the Experimental Farm and have only been once all year. It's pretty sad given Gia and I both go bananas for animals. So this morning when she slept in till 8 (it's a miracle people!) I knew we had a nice long window to get out and enjoy the day so off to the farm we went. It's not too far from Kim's place so I called her up on the way and she joined us for our little outing. I'm gonna guess you won't be seeing pics of her outfit today but I have no shame in posting the boring so here it is!

tank: Jacob
shorts: Garage
sunglasses: BoatHouse
necklace: Simon's
sandals: Aldo

1 comment:

  1. no one is seeing pics of the outfit i wore cause i had 45 seconds to get ready (THX!) and no time to shower!