August 29, 2012

drinks with the girls, and a whole lot of pics

I headed out with some girlfriends for dinner and drinks last night. It was (surprisingly) my first time at Chez Lucien and I loved the cozy atmosphere of this dive bar. They had a small menu, but great food and a wide variety of beer and cider on tap. A night with these ladies is always awesome, so really, the venue is just a bonus.

I have a little bit of a photo journal for you after the outfit pics. Check it out if you're at all interested in seeing what an effort it is to snap a few friggin outfit pics around here.

It took me roughly 45 minutes to get 4 outfit pictures worth posting and I'm gonna show you why.

So I was heading out for the night as soon as husband got in from work so I had no choice but to take pics with Gia awake. So I give her some fish crackers as a distraction which she devours and then comes over to show me her bowl is empty. I intercept her cheesy hands & mouth just in time to prevent them from being wiped all over my pants. 

Then Gia notices the tripod set up across the room and I run interception to prevent the crash that will result in a crying child, broken camera and devastated mama.

Gia decides to pose with me, maintaining control over the remote but she never actually looks at the camera, or stops moving. The result is 70+ shots of blurred Gia head.

Gia proceeds to notice that I'm wearing heels. Something that is so rare around here that she needs to get a closer look.

A momentary distraction has her running back to the kitchen, where she finds a toy bottle, decides that I must be thirsty, and returns to give me a drink. How thoughtful!

Time for shoe shots, with a toddler head for special effect.

So I've got only a few minutes left to finish getting the pics I need so I tell Gia to go grab some cereal (which she always, up till now, has successfully served herself). Here's the result. Awesome.

But at least she sat down for a few minutes to eat the damn cereal. Off the floor. 

On me:
shirt: Aritzia
tank: H&M
jeans: Mango
shoes: Aldo
bracelets: Bahamas (cuff) & taken from my moms jewelry box


  1. ha ha, cute :) outfit and baby.

    when they begin to talk, and it's "mama!" every three seconds. lovely, but frustrating at the same time.

  2. That is SO DAMN FUNNY...and I love that last pic. :)

    You totally need to include blooper (Gia) photos in your posts.

  3. Great fashion, and gorgeous daughter!

  4. love that blooper pics idea! you two are the cutest mother/daughter duo i've seen!

  5. thanks ladies! a i might not have much of a choice these days so "blooper" pics are more then likely gonna be the norm.