August 11, 2012

bday din

It was a nice change taking outfit pics outside of the house. The looks we got while doing our little "photo shoot" on a crazy busy street with lots of foot traffic would be embarrassing if I actually gave a hoot what strangers thought. Instead I found it amusing that several people stopped to watch, and one woman even started taking pics of my husband taking pics of me. She was running around like crazy behind him trying to get us both in her shots. Her camera was pretty heavy duty with a crazy lens so I'm curious what the pics are for. Anyway, here's what I wore to din last night. I love the color of these jeans, but don't quite like how they fit anymore. I was debating getting a new pair, and the decision was made for me this morning (yes, I wore them two days in a row) thanks to the grease stain from when Gia dropped her Lebanese pie on me.

blouse: Jacob
jeans: Gap
bag: Aldo
bracelets: JoeFresh
necklace & earings: Mexico
shoes: ?

1 comment:

  1. Lookin' hot old lady! Hope you had a great dindin. Too bad you didn't end up trying one of our cool favs.