August 12, 2012

a day in the market

I have been itching to walk around in the Byward Market (we rarely go downtown - parking is a pain, lots of people), and yesterday I finally did with my husband in tow. There are lots of cool little shops, fashion and home decor, and of course I'll blog the decor stuff on DTI, but here are some photos of what I wore and some of the shops we checked out. Stay tuned later for another post of what I purchased, and what I threw on to go to breakie this morning. I must point out that I avoided some of my favourite shops because our first stop ended up including a random purchase of a new sofa which left me feeling guilty to purchase anything else.

My husband bought some Frye sneakers. I had no clue Frye made sneakers. They're awesome - very vintage looking.

This shop, Wunderkammer, is new to me and carries incredible jewelry at very affordable prices. I bought several things....

sleeveless blouse ~ H&M
black shorts ~ H&M
flip flops ~ Marshalls
bag ~ Alexander Wang
bracelets ~ Aldo, H&M
necklace ~ F21


  1. I have been shopping in the market in way too long. Don't recognize half these stores. Btw love the shirt and your hair looks fab.

  2. And by have my iPhone means haven't.